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Angel In Furness - Poem by Kev EmPea


Floating high in the chapel I love an Angel there
She smiles that special smile and strokes me with her hair
Birdsong and smooth radio are our choir
When we meet and transport ourselves into blissful fire.
Heaven is in here Lindal on a bank so Sunny
Her smell so sweet and tasting of her honey
As long as I remember her smile and her soft caress
I know that with Love I’m forever blessed
She gives me faith in love and a life to live with it
She lifts me up and brightens us with her spirit
And whatever befalls us I’ll never love her less
She’ll dwell here always in my heart
My Angel in Furness.


Down in the mire of lies, callous hurt and deceit
I’ve kept my peace for her care, always I am discrete
She’s lied so long to so many in order to get free
She has lied to those she loved, to herself, her friends and me!
I tried to free her from the trap she’d woven O so neatly
But her fear it had her tight and she bound herself to it sweetly.
In the end she chose a two faced life, a pain for me to see
For appearances she lives in fear and shadow rather than fly free
She chose a persona to act out a part in a drama without limit
She’s trapped herself into a hell and denies her angels spirit
But though this has befallen us I’ll never love her less
She has a home here always in my heart
My Angel of Furness.


Now I fly high once more and see her in her mire
Smiling sweetly at all and sundry a pretty charming liar
She’s on a path I cannot follow its all of hers alone
The lies she denies, the lies she tells all behind her they have grown
I lived with a lie for a while until its purpose won
But sought exposure in the light once the path was done
So she freed us of the ties that together bound us
And began the painful path of betrayal and mistrust
She staying there in her mire hiding from the light and love
Denying all that went before when we flew above
For fear of exposure she told lies to hide from it
And tore her wings and hid away from her angels spirit
And though this has befallen her I cannot love her less
I sing out a home for her in my heart
My Angel of Furness.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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