Anger Poem by Charles Lamb


Rating: 2.5

Anger in its time and place
May assume a kind of grace.
It must have some reason in it,
And not last beyond a minute.
If to further lengths it go,
It does into malice grow.
'Tis the difference that we see
'Twixt the serpent and the bee.
If the latter you provoke,
It inflicts a hasty stroke,
Puts you to some little pain,
But it never stings again.
Close in tufted bush or brake
Lurks the poison-swellëd snake
Nursing up his cherished wrath;
In the purlieux of his path,
In the cold, or in the warm,
Mean him good, or mean him harm,
Whensoever fate may bring you,
The vile snake will always sting you.

Vivek Agnihotri 05 September 2022

A beautiful poem; short and full of wisdom and 'grace'. But its portrayal of the nature of snake is not quite accurate.

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Usman 14 October 2021

Can anyone explain this

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melissa 16 August 2018

this suckkksssssssssssss

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Gogo Amin 14 May 2013

one day weak up in another life i saw all concern about sense? ! ! some crazy creatures just run away from their own creations or inventions cause life like flash will get ended to start a tragedy to get script on board... philosophy may be but i have no much space to remember each single move or word so i left good intention all over around and bad intention too so each choose but no way to end a circle so own it... your choices (mercy - forgive) lost till he draw the road by good not by words and no believes so express yourself before you ask others to do it and don't insult me please i got much troubles more than 1 nuts, they are 3 crazy nuts and me the fifth... red shoes are good by the way but black shoe will be more good and suitable for wise gentleman or elegant woman . crazy writer think free and ware suitable ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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Your daddy 26 February 2018

That was so beautiful I hope that one day I can become such a amazing writer as you 😉😩

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