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Anhedonia (From Here To Eternity) - Poem by Luke J. Holt

Cutting through light streams of air
Like a fat-hearted bird through high gales
Dusk is a thick candle that wanes and upsets
Leaking spindly rotundas of waxen ejaculate and shadows like black cornstalks hanging like sashes on some hate-colored street it just rained on
Shuffle the deck of lexicon and the order is meaningless
Holding my sharp breath for the flowers to die
I ate them in frustration and tasted bitter milk
I am a cannibal
I loathe the greyless air i had so pined for
It reminds me love rides on fools' chariots to where crows don't roost to eat filth and garble at foul man from rooftops, like drunk farmers watching stupid cows.
The sky the color of Oxycodones
Full of cold water
Fog's demonic sister
The unseen

The trees like gnarled statuettes
In tangles
Even for a somber constitutional
It is too cold
The sun is a dim lantern behind thick blue glass as big as the Atlantic ocean
Hurt wanders in hurried herds of bugs
Poisonous episodes of scurrying blight
For my head
In its doorway
Intentions lynched like murderers in the foyer
The antechamber here has very old magazines
Aladdin's lamp in jagged shards of gilded talc
Beside a pleasant table
Where candleflame jostles in the dark, freaking like a bat when kissed by the rapacious draft of stuck windows
Like jaws of cold
That make you drip dark and naked
The world is very old
The oaks can sway in disaster's direction
This fence holds nothing in,
It is a suggested enclosure
What makes a wall is altitude
What makes a prison is guns and chains.
The lord sires fools too. We cannot all triumph
Life is not an undarkened theatre for everyone who is seated
Failure seems congenital to some
Fate gives you your Corvette or your clown shoes with the same indifference.
Our world's creator is seldom a dad who dandles his reflections

The spires are violet inside from holding sadly still shadows.
Tears swallowed and sh! t out
Monsters walk the Earth
In your towns
They will eat your dream girls for years
They will collect and swim in their rain
From buckets saved
God! Some quaking, muzzled brain
At night there is a tortured princess
In a floating bed leaning out the coldest window than never needed opening.
Looking down at a dark garden, she sees no bulbs or tendrils
No vines or perennials
Just a celebration where all the guests are tied and bound with twined smiles like dolls, clapping at knifepoint for the king of sh! t as he lashes a chambermaid with a Bronze-age flail

I used to blame cotton ceilings
The past an anchor
The future a ligature

Permafrost will harden everywhere you stand
Make painful crystal of all your sand

Stars and their mockery
These suns don't know each other
They just look close together
It's raining on the missiles
The war is over
The sails are black as minor keys
The ocean mourns the spit of the pelican dawns dampened with mossy rainbows
No head
Just a crown of clouds
Just a burning rock that eats each wave here at sea
Slapped like a stooge all its life
The foamy palm of the current is like affection. The water's disciplinary fingers like feathers or smoke on the wet boulder too far out for the swimmers to grasp
Love is a beach-ball in a duffle bag with a pin cushion
Nothing monstrous rose when fate ate my hopes like eggs or toast
Steel cords tug on bottom ribs for attention
My brain thinks too fast to work
You don't need my ideas
None of us even believe in our own

Hard cards
Hands with queens
Dives with kings
Sly with sheath
Hiding sheers in the sleeve
Strike me first so i may plunge it, please
Throw dreams with dresses and trees to time's all-tired and listlessly sad attic
Annexed dreamer made a caged, tinny dish in a far distant steamer
On seas obscured by shocking blue air and a white trim it holds that is winter's breath
A regal jugglers dropped torch that kills everything before the parade
My brain swings a lassoed rope
Like a bored child alone playing cowboy

Topic(s) of this poem: coldness, control, fate, night, winter

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