Katerina Val

Animals - Poem by Katerina Val

He looks like a fish
she looks like a freak
he, crawling in deep waters
she, drowned in her shallowness

He looks like a science-fiction character I saw
a cartoon I enjoyed, a balloon I was cheerful to hold
a nice caricature
of which the incarnation I craved

And she looks like a rare species of a bird
an ugly bird
but-oh my god-such a rare one

His lips seem suppressed
he reminds of a compressed figure
I once secretly coveted to unfold
I can loosen the ties
but she will continue looking
like a disabled doomed camel

Like a lonely zebra
with a pair of broken legs
with stripes
indicating her suffering
black for the pain
white for the insomnia
united stripes
for melancholia

They both look like koala twins
they are funny I believe
and sweet and small and incapable
and wondering
and wandering

As the animals move
and their lips move
a howling they crave to seek, find and free
and free from their lips

as the animals move
the smell of a needless
hovers in the air

I smell it in the air
I see it in the air
the howling
in the diaphanous air
which hides despair
and their controlled howling
reserved howling
how free can you be?

The howling and the air
that I can see
and hold in my hands
I hold their most wanted flaw
I hold their essence

I hold the human in the animals
in my hands

I wish I could be like them

Because I am not a human
nor an animal
not even a beast
or some kind of entity
I am a plain observer
too used and usual
t be seen
caught between the grey and red
of their mouths
caught between their howling

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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