Another Poem Poem by Sian Mein

Another Poem

Another poem to express myself
To somehow let my thoughts run
Another rhyme to free my soul
Let's go back to when it begun

What did you see in me?
Why did you take the chance?
I mean I knew I liked you
From that first timid glance

But you had a different story
You aren't supposed to look at me
Your eyes aren't supposed to 
Roam my body wantinly

What gave you the idea?
What made you think that far?
If you wouldn't had asked me
We wouldn't be where we are

I wouldn't love you like I do
I wouldn't want your kiss
I wouldn't even have the words
To write to you all of this

But now I find myself
Wondering about back then
When you meant nothing to me
When we didn't have to pretend

If we had never kissed
Would we still want each other?
If nothing was ever said
Would we still crave one another?

How did you know I would fall
For the way you laugh and smile?
What made you think that 
I would approve of such a lifestyle?

What crossed your mind
Before our lips met?
Where you wondering about
How far you could get?

All these questions come to me
And I only see one answer
That somehow this is meant to be
Even though you belong to her

The way we want each other
Is so overwhelming
The way that I cant sleep
Without about you dreaming

The way that you can make me feel
Like no other man has before
The way you always leave me
Wanting you more and more

The way that I cry
If I don't hear your sweet voice
The way that none of this
Was ever my choice

For you mesmerized me
With your sweet lips of poison
Made me forget everything
And throw out any caution

Now I am your slave
My heart belongs to you
Because you somehow knew 
That I wanted you too.

By Sian Mein

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