Peter Šulej

(1966 / Banská Bystrica)

Apparent & covert advantages of globalisation - Poem by Peter Šulej

they are,
kissing you my little china girl from a town under the Andes
with (hispanic-jewish) forefathers scattered all over Europe
how come you are here? no longer do I wonder
at dicreet charm of globalisation -
the ability to use any serial port
the chance to avert the spell of a proud tower from the beginning
see the beautiful butterfly has stirred her wings

all of our art under the same stars
we don´t create but manage to extrapolate and weave a synthesis
have no trouble to take a leap from punk to establishment
finally and limitly, and with prospects
on the periphery of the pop culture
with the same mediators and favorite home pages
we produce verses on alien experiences as if they were ours
and heroes of the night tend to be different from the heroes of the morn
fortunately the speed of change remains invisible
as we dance merrily dance

axis mundi has arrived at every corner
pushing out stoned hookers from the adjacent sidewalks
that means that „You are the God"
I know... I have been cried that at too
but only when something really powerful takes place - like:
a fall of the far too ripened and juicy cherry to the ground
who would ever come to senses of the world?
(I have never seen that happen)

for god´s sake
I mean no one ever wanted
to cast a Japanese into a digital technology shot
and, still, he is still there
laughing at the course of
polaroidisation of the world
a snapshot after snapshot suggests
that every remembrance is not necessarily mine

finally after being cured of psychoanalysis
we peer at architecture even though you know best:
we´ll never be able to embrace the entire construction
but it is still worth a try,
though possibly not the most original of all

see there there
the church beyond the brewery is not by Plečnik
although looking identical
starting a new technology generation?

never mind
after spicy curry with fine droplets of sweat on the forehead
we all produce tears
and will no longer be blinded by whiteness of paper

apparent and covert advantages of globalisation
exist - definitely exist...


English translation: Martin Solotruk

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