Amelia Hammond

Rookie - 50 Points (January 20,1996-? / El Paso, TX)

April Fool's Day - Poem by Amelia Hammond

I'm sick and tiered of being blame
You seem to ratter an object than my own feeling
I can't believe you went that low
You seem me completely different from whom I really am
You think you know me?
I tell you what
You are wrong
You don't even know me
Did you say I smiled? When?
Oh, you mean the fake smiles when I was around you?
I wear a mask just for you
I was never happy I just wanted to run away
I still do
The tears that run down my face seem
To burn me
Once it touches my lips,
I can taste it is salty
Its how sour and bitter you truly are
It's sad that I can't even trust you
You "never" had the time to know me,
Or at least that is what you said
You are right about one thing
The words "I love you, " won't real
I hate you; I hate the pain you make me feel
I promise you that ripping off my heart will hurt less
Than being with you
If I did I wish you where there
To see me truly smiling
Saying I'm free, I can't believe
It's this day, I'm finally leaving
Free from you
Tears I will shed
Not of sadness but of joy
Joy of leaving you
One last thing I will say
Now its your turn for the world to end you too
I hate you, always had, always will
I blame you for blaming me
I have died, and you can't even see that
I wish all of this was just a prank
You can't even hear me cry for this to end

Date: April 1,2010

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