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You Lost My Trust

I can't believe that I trusted you
After many years together
All the times you lie to me
But I believed you so much

My Last String

I do not see what holds me here
Now that, your gone
You held me here
When I sad happy or on tears


consuming as it comes
chilling with the bones
beating like the drums
hurting from within

Soul Mate

This tale is true and mine. It tells
How a broken vessel walks on Earth alone
Without it’s lovely bloodline fellow friend
This soul still shedding tears


I never though I can come back to track
Always going in the wrong direction
You helped me with all of this
You took me by the hand

Amelia Hammond Comments

keep writing! Be known because you believe in you. Not what others may think or care. Though I asure you people do.

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Hannah Hasenyager 10 December 2012

I really like your peoms! They are really. I hope to read more of them when Iget more time.

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