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Armstrong V/S Armstrong - Poem by Neale Castelino

Tale of two cities
Story of two men
This is a strange dichotomy.
Of cycling and astronomy.

One born in Wapakoneta named Neil
Other in Plano named Lance
One destined to walk on the moon.
Other to conquer the Tour de France.

Neil flew them all.
Jets, rockets, helicopters and gliders.
Lance became the Champion
Of Champion of just two wheelers.

Neil defied gravity.
In his Apollo 11 lunar lander.
Lance won the title 7 times.
While fighting testicular cancer.

Spacewalk, rock samples, lunar dust
Scientific research for the National Aeronautical & Space Administration
Livestrong, Yellow bands. Cancer research.
"To inspire and to empower" - mission of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

"How did you do it Neil? " asked Lance.
"Simple - With the nation behind you, prayer and hope."
"And you Lance? ". Inquired Neil.
"Thought you wouldn't ask - Strong legs... and shots of dope".

'One small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind"
"Performance enhancing drugs.
And amphetamine."

One hailed a hero.
And a toast of the nation
Other giving blood and urine tests.
Under allegations and investigations.

Armstrong v/s Armstrong
It's a bizarre head to head.
One will have to live the shame.
While the other dead.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

The idea of this poem came as I read the news about Lance Armstrong's fall from grace and Neil Armstrong's death. Two great heroes. Two great icons. Both giving us the courage to dream and never give up.
I've always admired Neil Armstrong because we shared a similar name. In school we had a huge poster of Neil Armstrong on the moon and all the kids would call me Neil Armstrong. Although I could not go to moon I had dream realsied when I had the chance to visit the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.
And of course Lance Armstrong is a modern day sports icon. The doping charges leveled on him are right or wrong only time will tell.

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