Bashyam Narayanan

Arvind The Unknown - Poem by Bashyam Narayanan

Early morning train
Air conditioned coach
I was on a four hours travel

A man sitting opposite to me
Started talking over his mobile
He was talking for long
So long that I came to know
Arvind, the so far unknown

I could not make out
Who this Arvind is
But understood from the loud
Discussions our gentleman had, that
Arvind is not so happily married man

Arvid is being advised to take the course of divorce
By this man sitting in my front
A lot he had to say
As to why divorce is the only way
Out for Arvind

Arvind’s wife is a career woman
Less mindful of keeping people together
She hardly avails leave
Working late and even on holidays
Arvind’s old rich parents are not taken care
She is also keen in having children
House is always in shambles

No pleasures for Arvind
From getting married to this
Least co-operative life partner
Arvind is ever in trouble
Many times he shunted between office and home
Attending his parents who suffer frequently
From some illness or the other

Something Arvind would have asked from the other end
Our man in front
Became suddenly silent
Probably in search of an answer
He, who otherwise sounded confident,
Started sounding less firm and fumbling

I could make out what he was questioned
Are these enough to bring about a divorce

He was telling Arvind
That he can fabricate some more valid reasons
Which he listed for long
And our man would take care of filing papers for divorce

This gentleman must be a lawyer
He went on how to go about
So that Arvind is relieved of his
Least comforting relationship

The unknown Arvind
Is on the path of separation

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