Ch J Satyananda Kumar

Rookie (25-04-1955 / Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam, AP, India, now living at Visakhapatnam)

As A Man, Afresh - Poem by Ch J Satyananda Kumar

Telugu Original: Dr. Bandi Satyananrayana
English Translation: Ch J Satyananda Kumar

Telugu original:
Mrudula mrunmaya dehaani dharinchi
Ninnu nuvvu darsinchukunnanta svEcchagaa, svacchamgaa
Kotta paata andukovaali

Nuvvu gaayapadadam maanEsi
Kshata gaatraanni vadilEsi
Samastaanni shaantiparachE
Kotta dehaanni kanukkovaali
Nee ananta prasthaanapu
ChEdu gyapakaallonchi
Ninnu nuvvu punarnirminchukOvaali

Ananta puraa vaibhava jaadallOnchi
Akhanda maanava parimalaaLLOnchi
Jeerna samskruthi jaadallonchi
Paata manishi lonchi
Atani maraNa vEdanalOnchi
Nuvvu maLLee kottaga puttaali

Yendaku yendipoyi
Vaanaku chivikipoyE manishi vaddu
Geetalu geesukuni
GOdalu kattukonE manishi vaddu
Gaaliki tegipoye bandhaalu
CheekatilO kanipinchani snEhaalu vaddu

MattilO chaitanyaanni sravinchaali
Agnilaa jvalinchaali
Gaalilaa viswa vyaapitam kaavaali
Mahaa kaanthilaa taLukku manaali
Neelaakaasam kinda
Yeppatikee vaadani
Aakupacchani manishi kaavaali
KaalipOyina kaalam lOnchi
ChE jaarina swapnaallOnchi
Mahishi gaa, kotta gaa
Mallee janminchu
Kotta paata vinipinchu

(From Andhra Jyothi Daily, Sunday Supplement,4 October,2009)
English Translation

Get at humming a new song
As freely and as purely
When you viewed first
Your just born delicate clay body.
Stop getting wounded
Put down the injured body
And conceive a new physique,
That pacifies everything
From the morose memories of
Your unending odyssey.
Restructure yourself
From the shadows of bygone life’s grandeur
From the gargantuan human fragrances
From the worn out culture’s shades
From the vanished vintage human being
From his pangs of death
You should born again afresh.
No need of
A man who is shriveled in sun rays
And sodden in rain lashes
No need of
A man who draws narrow lines
And builds impeding walls
No need of bondings which shatter when wind blows
No need of amities, which are not scotopic in darkness
Consciousness should flow in sludge
And should blaze like flames
It should spread over the universe like air
Shine like super-nova
Under the blue sky
Never withered
Green human should evolve
From the burnt out epoch
From the mislaid dreams
Born again, anew
As man
Sing out a new song

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