Casey O'Dell

Ashes To Ashes - Poem by Casey O'Dell

After days that are long and time's lonely song,
I look back in my mind and I see
a face from my past; and somehow I can't grasp,
how somehow that face is but a distant memory.

The stars will burn on, so long after we're gone.
Orion in his place is smiling.
Time is just a lone from someone familiar, yet unknown
It is our choice to use it wisely.

The earth is not ours, no more than the stars.
Yet, we walk it as if we were kings.
And, as smart as we are, pales next to nature's power.
This world is more than just these tangible things.

So when we are lost in this world, we feel we must
find comfort in some that we trust.
But, who can you trust in this man eat man world
when we have broke every vow that we've took?

When doubt rules your soul, there is something you should know.
Salvation is not as far off as it seems.
If you wish to see that face or feel that sweet embrace,
say your prayers before you slip into your dreams.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 29, 2010

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