I believe and hope that
Science and technology developing day by day
As it has alleviated the burden on one's back until today
The day will come and he will lighten the burden on his heart.

We have to admit that
When thinking deeply
As this life comes and goes
One day will come and go in our sadness and pain.

In the dizzying time
The impact of the memories we store on us
As it directly affects our individual life
It will also affect our social life.

This is why
To spend every moment as efficiently as possible
Both our own soul and social spirit
It will refer to the eternal beauty of spirituality.

I think so
This poor, wounded and deadly times
As a lesson for future generations
We will be revolutionaries who are taught in lectures.

There is no existence
Not by birth, by life, or death
From this sad and frustrated age to future times
Let him not carry a great lesson with his pain, his sweetness!

"O who dreamed of whimpering heavily
O from the earth, from the sky, who constantly persecutes us
O selfish, never insatiable
One day you will be asked for your account! "

Note: In summary, I tried to explain how to spend every moment we live efficiently, improving ourselves and transferring our knowledge continuously. In poetry, I reproach the ultimate fate of the universe that has been constantly destroying and doing, then destroying, and always going like that, for reasons from heaven and earth, I owe it to explain this, not to a god or nature. My main goal was to write a statement and a few words of warning to those who spent their lives with empty and meaningless things. My intention was to impress those who work only for their own happiness and peace, their lack of character. And of course it was to express the seriousness of the importance of every passing moment. Epicurean, albeit a little Epicurean, is good for most currents of philosophy.

Topic(s) of this poem: science

Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 12, 2020

Form: Prose Poem

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