Dean Bottomley

Rookie (30-08-1995)

At A Baptism - Poem by Dean Bottomley

God cast His eye on the World spread wide,
And silently shed a tear.
He saw a land in a terrible state,
Beset with corruption and fear.
Waste of resources, pollution and greed
Famine and solvable need

God looked about for some sign of hope,
To see if someone would care.
What was the point in carrying on
If there was nobody to care.
All he could find was corruption and strife
“For this my son gave his life”?

“I’ll end this creation” He said with a sigh.
”It’s not worth my time.
I did it with Noah I will do it again:
Destroy this sin and crime.
They no longer heed the words of my Son,
No reason to let it go on”

God again cast His eye on the world below,
Corrupt, evil with sin.
Spread before Him all black and grey,
“There’s no point it is time to give in”
Yet as He looked He was sure that he saw
Small specks of shining gold.

Small groups of people throughout the land
In churches both new and old.
To do all they could, in their limited way,
The things that Christ had told.
“There are still a few that I can call mine.
I have to give them a sign”

God smiled and thought, ”I know what I’ll do.”
So child He sent us you.
A new born babe is God’s sign to us all
That on Him we still can call.
That He still has hope in this world of His
So we welcome you with a kiss.

Your a sign from God that gives us joy
A smiling wonderful boy.
Your a message from God that he still cares
In His kingdom we still have shares.
And so through your life as you grow and mature
We will know that God is for sure.

Your life could be hard, it’s often tough
And so through the smooth and the rough.
We’ll be there at your side, through help and prayer;
So you’l know we really do care.
Your a gift from God, a joy through and through
So child we welcome you.

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