At The Pinnacle Poem by Vic Hall

At The Pinnacle

You found me at the pinnacle
Of heartbreak and despair,
You took my hand and led me
Through loves garden of care.

You brought me happiness
You gave hope to my heart,
You brought smiles of joy
You gave me love at the start.

Forever in the lanes of time
I found such happiness to embrace,
You give to me, love life and living
I want to tell the whole human race.

For this is love and being content
Let it last for a thousand years,
For you have given me life's bowl
And I want to laugh through these tears.

These tears of love are for you my sweetness
You have lifted the darkness to make me see,
A different world of love and compassion
The light I thought was not possible for me.

In darkness I feared failure
I must confess my confidence grew weak,
Over the years I was locked within myself
The darkness didn't allow me to speak.

But now you have shown me rainbows
You have given me all the love from your heart,
You have shown me that life is worth living
With your beauty and pure love from the start.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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Vic Hall

Vic Hall

Hampshire UK
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