Robert Pettit

Rookie (November 21,1956 / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. United States)

Athaliah - Poem by Robert Pettit

She hailed from the kingdom in the north named Israel.
This woman must have had her beginnings in hell.
She was wicked princess of Ahab and Jezebel.
Intemperance nearly led to great Judah’s death knell.
A heathen worshipper of idols and deities;
rule over God’s people made the worst of travesties.
This wife of Jehoram was a despotic monarch.
Her son Ahaziah’s death made her the matriarch.
For six long years ruling from the throne of Judah;
the nation’s only queen, her name was Athaliah.

She killed all her grandchildren hoping to rule alone.
The infant Prince Joash solely sparing for the throne
He was saved by Athaliah’s daughter Jehosheba.
This princess was married to the high priest Jehoiada.
They sequestered the grandson of the queen for six years
with a nurse in the Lord’s Temple allaying all fears.
After seven years, Jehoiada gathered his forces.
In addition, the king’s support came from all sources.
The high priest said, “Our King David’s line must continue.
We should depose this wicked queen and then start anew!
This perverted usurper has much blood on her hands.
Here is your rightful King Joash the Lord God demands! ”
Jehoiada proudly held up this seven-year-old boy.
They crowned the young king amidst the overwhelming joy!
Proclaiming the ascension of a new king quite loud,
Athaliah soon would hear the cheering from the crowd.
The queen then shouted, “For whatever is the reason
there is a king’s coronation here? This is treason! ”
Athaliah appeared, and her arms the guards would seize.
They were ready with their swords as she was on her knees.
The priest said, “Do not stain with blood the House of the Lord”.
So they took the queen outside, and put her to the sword.

She was the most disgraceful woman in history.
The likes of her never existed previously.
Her name will live forever ignominiously.

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