Robert Pettit

Rookie (November 21,1956 / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. United States)

Robert Pettit Poems

1. Salute To Ryan Howard 4/20/2006
2. What Kind Of New World? 4/20/2006
3. Where Is Saipan, Michigan? 4/20/2006
4. The Miracle At Cana 4/20/2006
5. Babel Unfinished 4/20/2006
6. The Midwest Boy Killer 4/20/2006
7. An Amateur Art Critic 4/20/2006
8. A Disobedient Prophet 4/20/2006
9. John Chapter 17 4/20/2006
10. Athaliah 4/20/2006
11. Field Bets 4/20/2006
12. An Antichrist In Guyana 4/21/2006
13. General Black's Dream 4/21/2006
14. Habakkuk's Divine Colloquy 4/21/2006
15. Coming Out 4/21/2006
16. Borneo Josephine 4/20/2006
17. Deborah And Barak 4/20/2006
18. Nordic Dreams 4/20/2006
19. Naboth's Vineyard 4/20/2006
20. King Solomon's Judgment 4/20/2006

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Best Poem of Robert Pettit

King Solomon's Judgment

He was now sovereign of the land of Israel.
Following in his father David’s steps, he ruled well.
This land had never displayed so much prosperity.
No king would ever be more powerful and wealthy.
The Jerusalem palace now showed great opulence.
However, he employed great wisdom and providence.
David said, “Walk in God’s ways and obey each decree,
Then He shall in turn keep the promise He made to me.
If your descendents adhere to My commandments well,
someone will always sit on the throne of Israel.”
Solomon kept his word as his father lay dying,
to be ...

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Babel Unfinished

Noah survived the flood with sons Japheth, Ham, and Shem.
Along with the animals of the earth, God spared them.
With floods, He vowed never again to do such a thing.
God made a covenant with Noah and his offspring:
“You and your sons shall populate the world as you go.
Look up into the clouds and you shall see my rainbow.
This is a sign the covenant is everlasting.
All creatures shall thrive, along with each human being.”

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