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Author's Voice

indian poet dr.k.g.balakrishnan
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Drbalakrishnan Kg
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Bharatheeyakavitha-Vol.1.poems 1-100
Autho r's Voice
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Poetry of Bharatham (Bharatheeyakavitha) is a vast deep exciting subject. I am not scholarly enough
to picture the same in its exclusiveness. Rather irrelevant it is here! My intention is only to indicate
the common salient features of Poetry of Bharatham in a nutshell.
Adikavi Rishi Valmeeki
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It is the signature sanctum story of the heritage of Poetry of Bharatham. Adikavi means the Pioneer-poet. Every true Bharatheeyan(native of Bharatham) is proud of that pinning origin of the
Poetry of Bharatham. One thing is heart-soothening! The core of Bharatheeyakavitha is Love- 'Sneham'. The Epic Ramayana depicts the ardent love between Seethe and Rama. Also the love of
King Rama to his people. Also his bond to his parents and brothers. Moreover, the Poet the Rishi
is a pivoting character in the Mahakavyam(Great Poetry) .
The same is true in all later works, Mahabharatham and innumerable works in different Indian
Languages are testimonies for this.
The other salient features
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
From the Vedic hymns to the 21st century poetry of Bharatham, one sterling feature could be enlightened- that is its affirmation. The thought of this most ancient culture is never a negation. Throughout its eternal flow, it keeps warmth of illuminating heartening Hope. Each and every Vedic Mantra(Hymn) has got a Rishi, a Devatha(Deity) and a Chandas(Prosody) . So specific it is! In one sense it is pure poetry. I am not detailing this at present.
The other feature I feel is its outlook. The thought is always pleasant. It is not speaking of the sin at all. All actions are for good! The lion kills an animal for its food. There is no question of sin here.Rather it is the Dharma(Duty) of the lion.
One more feature I feel important I shall mention. Bharatheeyakavitha is always speaking of the In.
The inner world is vaster and deeper than the outer one! We all are well aware of the five senses; also of the sixth-the mind. But about the Seventh! It is our Self! And It is the Divine! The Self is Omnipresent and Omnipotent; the Omniscient too.
The Rishi assures It is Poornam- the Full! Always the Full! The 'Law of Conservation of Energy' of the Scientist!
I am not speaking more!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Rishi is in the state of Mauna- Silence. I think let us also keep mum! For, there won't be an end!
Also a beginning! This is a perpetual perceptual Flow.The flow of energy! That is Bharatheeyakavitha also. My humble
attempt is to sing few hymns and rhymes of this Bewilderment!
How much novel the Feat is! How many generations witnessed It! How many poets sang and artists and scientists
attempted to picture!
How much deep the Ocean is! There the Sky, the Nothingness! Here me the Helplessness!
Still I am being consoled and conceived by that Concealed to enact this magnificent Dharma!
This is Volume One of a Ten Volume series, I hope. Hope only because am not
sure. How could I be definite! Who am I to ascertain anything afterall! But one thing am quite certain! Am a pick of atoms and these are the part and parcel of this Nitya(Eternal) , Poornam, the Full!
Am not intending to penetrate into the interiors of these poems. My humble aim
is only to give a clue to you, the readers, especially Western who may be unfamiliar to this ancient but ever blossoming novel fresh fragrant Knowledge of Bharatham!
I am well aware of the challenging fact that I have to be a mountaineer or rather an astronaut or both or more to achieve that sanct thrilling Goal! Still let us have a look. Let us make a step! My consolation is that though this is an adventurous astronautic venture, my humble experience as a septuagenarian poet and also as the author of my recent globally read work 'THE WHY' (publisher- createspace Amazon Books USA) would facilitate the path clear and hazard free. But I would like to stress one thing firmly and most honestly! Never I would hammer any thought to you! Let us be co-travellers!
I had posted some of these poems on my Facebook pages, Google+, Twitter,
www.poetry.com, Poemhunter.com, and so on. The thumbs-ups from the whole Global readers were very thrilling! Many of them showered many a worthy review. I thank you all my fellow writers like Prof. Anjam Aziz Abbas, Jawahar Gupta, Allen Green GuppIman, Alana Parker and so on.
I am also very much grateful to Mrs. Karen Convey, the Deputy Director, Casuarina Library, Darwin, NT. Australia for arranging release of my former Amazon publications 'The Waves of the Ganga', 'The Hues of the Himalaya'
'My Muses' and 'The Australian Plant and Other Poems' at the leading library of Australia. Also am thankful for showcasing and cataloging my books in Darwin Libraries. Also I thank Mr.Panos Couros, Director, Writers Center, Darwin for his appreciating gesture to accept my worldwide read book 'The Waves of the Ganga' to their Library. Am gratefully reminiscing his mentioning about our 'Kootiyattam' (Koodiyattam. Koodiyattam [kutiyattam], meaning 'combined acting, ' signifies Sanskrit drama presented in the traditional style in temple theatres of Kerala.) during our conversation. (Mr. Panos Couros is a noted Music Composer also) .
I am very respectfully remembering my teacher Prof. Mampuzha Kumaran (noted critic, writer, speaker and veteran teacher - Keralam, India) for giving me illuminating
directions in my challenging literary journey.
I am also having much gratitude to my elder brother in writing and outlook Sri. C.Radhakrishnan, one of the most talented Novelist of Bharatham, for very gracefully conducting the release of 'THE WHY' (my complete English poems upto 12/2014 book- Amazon Books USA-) by presenting the same to Vidwan Kandangath Vasu Master- Vedic Scholar. Let me mention my 'Sargaswaram-Thrissur' (Writers' Forum-Keralam) friends for arranging that grand function at Kerala Sahitya Akademi.
Let me conclude this introduction by remembering my mentor late Dr. N.V.Krishna Warrier(the great poet, editor, author, scholar and what not!) with atmost love and respect.(2016 his centenary) . Also let me dedicate this opening volume at his feet as my humble homage in advance during the 'N.V. Centenary Celebrations'.
The most ardent Monument to my late father
Sri. Kandangath Gangadharan Master
Lastly not leastly, I very well reminisce my most loving father(he was also my teacher) late Sri. Kandangath Gangadharan Master(great teacher and scholar) who bestowed everything he had upon me(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Sanskrit and love) .2016 is his centenary also. I am considering this work as his everlasting monument!
k.g.balakrishnan kandangath
kandangath, kattoor, keralam,

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