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Autumn's Window Decorations! ! ! - Poem by Seema joglekar

Spring gallops with his unbridled flourish, flamboyant in display,
In winter solstice rebuked, mellow Sun languishes in disarray,
Sedate autumn tiptoes warily stepping over spring’s leftovers,
Triumphs over its boisterous fracas, spilling glory in arcade of mature colors,

Smarmy cold winds guzzle darkness, a vice reserved for the night,
Cajoling her to huddle, intoxicated take to bed the moon,
Under the light blanket of stars, tossed off with approaching light,
In silhouette lull descends, to disrobe nature at dawn

Summer dons its last garb with deviance, as Nature begs,
For just one more warm day to bask in the subdued Sun,
Stealing away our precious light as nightfall creeps faster into day,
September’s sloppy kiss, bids adieu to summer’s last hoorah.

Catching a light and a shade of a vibrant spectrum, worn-out leaves dangle,
Lets doubtful light filter, through the tapestry of their veins, delicate,
Into decorative window hangings, sequined with colorful gems from the deep,
Sunlight streams through in beams, in shimmering golden brocade.

Spiraling & whistling down, even a faint wind sends a leafy downpour,
Piled on walkways, like wreaths in homage to shredding wind’s galore,
In stubborn pride stoic, stark naked trees, dropp their trousseau at night
Bidding smoky farewell to evil remnants of a departing year, bon-fires are lit.

To concede blue skies to peep in-between, tree- canopy bare, space out,
Then reveal an untended nest deserted to be repaired in spring
Till only a single leaf hangs, mocking all the numb bareness,
Mimics veins in a leaf, the prime branch with its limbs arching.

In a lackluster evergreen forest, not much variation in color accrues,
Rush to find falls transient colors and disappointment finds you.
Best leaf peeping autumn foliage dress up for winter ball,
A waning year still shanghais its revelry in lewd hues.

Milky grey cirrus loom, defy the sun to gorge through, flee,
With, sharp movements of creatures assailed, wind baits clouds
To free cold, sun plays hide & seek drops his veil now &then,
Autumn premonition’s a severe winter & full seasons under the sun.

As sun hides in a handkerchief of a wailing cloud that contains,
Remote playful spurts like God spitting out rain, gnaw an old ache,
Yesterday’s mild rain batters away old memories, till they run
Today in gullies &streams; nature stands stripped to its skin.

Ploughman’s wife sings, blessed with bountifuls, the hard work of spring,
Content greets her work-weary hands, that sustain them till another year ailing,
Around bonfires folks celebrate; as Cupid arrives on unsuspecting chill,
Roses in their cheeks, pay tribute to their ancestors grateful for their vigil, .

Flowers of varied tints in endless shades melting, forget to follow sun’s dial
On feeble stalks, to wind’s roster call, the ill nauseous flowers bail,
Confusing the bees to laze around, moss lose their color to resemble rocks,
Shrubs girdle themselves in scant yellow, ripe apples & berries litter the walks.

Birds flying late to warmer places, stray & droop their shivering wings,
Stunned at the bleak scene, in temperance sing dirges in lonely strains,
Scratch dirt for reckless worms & fecund seeds that wait in parched soil.
Caution us -''live a fruitful life in toil or winter claims with its turmoil.''

Wearing falls sobriety, bully weeds invade in delinquent splendor,
Blossoms in woodland bough, wither like on bridal couple, their bounty shower,
Sickly born rose-buds, shed their premature petals despoiled by frost’s shiver,
Bedraggled vines strain with grapes, melons block the path and squander.

Horned cattle feed on second best leaves, to meet winter store fat.
Mice scramble taunting overhead predators, squirrels guard hoarded nuts,
Nature’s passion exhausts in primrose & dies in flecked brown,
Black art of witches damns everything to disintegrates & go to dust

Deep orange of twilight locks into the sunset, to radiate a strip,
To intersect the horizon, that only the clouds retain, and then outstrip,
Violet shades fitter away into maligning purple tones, to confound the skies
Till sprawls in a golden glow, marked with beauties trained, the browning plains.

Nature’s call & seasons duty-no stars shine here with a broken heart,
After ache and sag, peace on every tired soul, the clear air impart
Lord! You have made the world too beautiful this year,
Alone, don’t expect me to pay back my arrear.


3rd Jan-2010

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