Monday, May 14, 2012


A man stands,
Alone, on the avenue,
He's beggin' you to look inside yourself,
For the prize he'll get,
If he succeeds, he'll waste it on cigars,
Not cars, end up in bars, of cold steel.
Mirage he sees, the woman that left him,
Forgets him, regrets it, stand alone, above all, by himself.
No job, just sobs,
Forget about it,
He just sits and begs,
For hours just shoutin'
'Can you spare any change? '
But even with change he sits and smokes,
Provokes, totes,
'A small word of advice, '
A guy says, hands the man a hundred dollar bill,
But still, he knows what he will, do with it.
'Behind every man lies a story, not boring,
Storing, his true potential inside himself.'
Contemplating, congregating all his thoughts and fought,
Against himself, deciding what do.
Temp himself, with a sin,
Toss his life in a bin,
But hopefully it'll turn out alright, not a calamity or tragedy.
'Strategy.' The man on the corner said.
Wants to get in bed and sleep,
But he sits and weeps instead.
Wasted, his life beggin',
Instead in his sleep he lifted his own hand,
And fed him self and bit it.
Forget it, he said he'd do it but no longer,
He's gotten stronger, hopin' to prove himself again.
'Another dollar, please I beg all of 'ya! '
But no one falls in his trap, this time not a snare,
A hair of false truth,
'Beware! ' People share, pointing at the poor guy.
But like the girl who cried wolf,
He'd been given his chance,
Now a stance, he takes.
Movin', groovin' to the rhythms he made himself
He came back, on the attack.
Found a job, finally eating dinner.
Corn on the cob, not to rob or he'll sob,
He wants his new life and he's willing to work toward it.
Sure, it may be a new conclusion
But his illusion is just his fantasy.
He may seem better off now than he was,
But the regret haunts him,
Takin', Breakin' other things, robbin'.
Still sobbin' himself to sleep.
He weeps.
'Creep..' People say as they pass him.
They recognize, realize who he was, what he did.
'I've changed! ' He shouts back, but sadly sad,
Badly bad, no one understands.
Collin Chattom

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