Planet Poems: 248 / 500

' Awakened Within A Dream... '

Rating: 2.7

I Walked Within A Dream
Or Was It Really True
Beneath A Liquid Dome
Of Aquamarine Blue

Waters, Placed In The Heavens (Gen.1: 6,7)
Like Thunder-Waves, Rolled By
A Canopy Of Sapphire Jewels
Glisten Wetly, In The Sky

The Expanse Above Our World
Was So Spectacularly Rendered
A Silken Fluidity Flowed
As The Splendor Of It Shimmered

The Celestial Shield, Blocked Radiation
Which Had Aged Our Form and Flesh
I Saw The Hand Of GOD Emerge
Pouring Blessings, Rinsing Out Death

Lush Green, Became The Land
Underneath The Ocean Above
The Sun Was Like A Golden Orb
Glowing, Like New Love

And The Earth Became A Garden
And The Breeze, Where Holy Spirit Breathed
Was Fresh, And Pure And Gentle
Beneath Skies, Awash With Sacred Seas

And Clouds, Were Like The Foam
That Rushes To The Shore
I Saw The Hand Of GOD Emerge
Pouring More and More …

And Holy Angels With Mankind
And All Creatures, Great And Small
Stood Transfixed In Awe
Then Jumped To Joyous Applause

For This Was No Maritime Fable
Nor The Legend Of Atlantis
Nor Soggy-Sentimental Fantasy
It Was Our Wondrous Watercolor-Planet

… I Walked Within A Dream
Beneath Silver-Blue Moon-Gleams
But Wait … It Really Seems …
I’ve Awakened In A Future Dream …

And In Crystal-Clear Raindrops,
...................... I Played
In Deep Fountains Of Waters Of Life,
..................... Displayed (Rev.7: 17)

Written & ©: 3/13/10

By: The MoonBee