felix paintwhenpainted

Rookie (april 18 1990 / Cape Town)

Aye, Aye Captain Astronaut - Poem by felix paintwhenpainted

what do the sailors say when your sailing to the moon
aye-aye captain astronaut, we'll be there soon
which way do we sail, which way in the sky?
right above, past the gull's cry
into the deadest night
away from human light
looking for the moon i hear
searching everywhere

captain, captain astronaut
it wont be for naught
but sonny here has heard it from the swishing sea
heard it whispered from the depths, into to his dreams
it said sonny will you hear me now
the moon you'll never see, never ever see its eerie glow
its running very far from home
faster than you can row
and soon it will join those stars that always roam
and you will forget how it felt to see her from your home
so stop your endless silly quest
she will always come out the best
you will never sail to the moon
only a dark watery tomb...

days and weeks and months
always on the hunt
wandering through the night
lost in the lights.
we'll find ourselves a wandering lonesome star
and when we do we'll ask it if the moon is far
and it will say there be she
there for you to see
and we will rejoice and sing
and the moon we shall bring home again
so that all will be set to right
and we will never be without the moon's light

captain captain astronaut
to the moon we have you brought
she be hanging dead overhead
it is here that she us lead
send me to the crows nest!
and ill hope for the best
let me grab on to her
and ill pull myself up for sure
and then we will truly say
it was all for this day

so the eager captain astronaut
had found what he sought
and soon he would breathe in all the wonders that it brought
he climbed up to the crows nest
jumped and stretched and did his best
but for all his might he could not even jest
the moon was just out of his reach
send me a rope! so he did beseech
ill swing a grapple and land it in a niche

so captain captain astronaut
threw his rope towards the light
watched as it flew, past his eye's sight
up and up the grapple went, then it turned around
came crashing down again, hit his head with a solid sound
clunkity clunkity clunk
the astronaut sunk
out in the deepest space
with the moon face to face...

what do the sailors say when your sailing to the moon
aye, aye captain astronaut we'll be there soon
so don't you worry captain, captain astronaut
it most certainly wont be for naught.

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