T D Mitchell

Ballad Of A Woman Of Perfect Beauty, Lost Forevermore? - Poem by T D Mitchell

Her body lay naked and beautiful
bathed in the light of the sun
But as you moved more closely still
you can see where the disease has begun
to mark her skin and lay to waste
across her delicate skin
small patches of coalesced darkness
with tracks joining a barren waste
open pits biting within her skin
where once she had been chaste
the green of lush forests that clothed
her once
had been wiped forevermore
and what was left were gaping wounds
bleeding raw and sore

The life that showed her beating heart
which she wore for all to see
grew less and less and less and less
as it was lost for all eternity
The water in which she swam
that once was pure and blue
looked more and more and more
like a thick, gelatinous stew,
ichor oozing from her flesh
moving upon her skin in a thick and viscous way
clotted, clinging stifling her
in a life destructive way.
The pure air that she once did breath
was no more to be seen
replaced instead by swirling clouds of toxic gas
mustard yellow, black and green
Her breathe, her winds once bringing life
Now carried dust instead
filled with the biting particles
of once living now all dead.
The particles now flay her almost barren skin
the life left stunted small and thin
What have we done to her who birthed us
What have we to her done
We raped our mother and blasted her
created hell where there was none.

We took the life from her sweet orb
and threw it in her face
Leaving nought but putrefaction and
life with death replaced.
This beautious Earth who gave us birth
who, with each passing day,
loses life and slowly fades away.
Her monstrous vampiric children
we call the humankind
Are more the spawn of demons
Agape with bloodied gaping maw
That tears and rips her skin
Draining all that flies on high,
walks on land or swims beneath
Her moisture that once were seas
Now are tears upon her skin
as we bring her to her knees
Yet still we feast upon her
and celebrate her death
Her final deed will be to bring us
down with long eternal death
It is as if she blames herself for
what she did give birth
and mayhaps she will recover
when we no longer walk this Earth.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 20, 2013

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