Bamboos In Bushes Poem by cheung shun sang

Bamboos In Bushes

Rating: 3.3

Bamboos in bush-poem-cauchy3.
Moneys are daughters in laws for politics.
Esteems are not the only daughter words.
The safe words are good hells.
Equilibriums are to shout at Gods bellies.

Five stars are negative beaches.
Political groans are academic years.
Not respond to all magic treats.
Do not bow to bad political remarks.

Great prizes are for small prides.
Object to vanes but not gentle winds.
Use your dimes to go up streams.
Are your minds going against streams?

Political winds have cold and hot.
Hot sexes still have feet that are cold.
Keep the words but not the mot that make.
I am a very wise good listener.

Agree to orders or to axes as you take.
It is law reply or coupon replay.
It is aim or it is way.
It is honors or it is laws.

Leaders fly north but go south.
Adam papa has amour proper.
Big themes are from birds mouths.
May be thin whites are dark horses.

Politics are laws but not judges.
Regards a live is as for hell burns.
Rules have usages but men have thumbs.
Bushes pilots are to clever bushes.

Are there loves taking but laws giving?
But like kinds are not like minds.
Well dragons are good strollers.
Are you roll the carpets or roll on routes.

What is a game and what is a play.
Evil dragons are plus steels.
It split bamboos with way lay.
But where you come where the controls are late!

Are there eyes to eyes when we see!
Bamboos in bushes can not agree.
Or straight spines will bend the worlds.
Pass the antics to your critics but not words.

Chins morale are Japan laws.
Good yang will be happy plans.
Stir teas in cups with no matters.
How can you find pearl as you raid the hays.

Hit the foes shields with ran off.
Public political games are massive.
Can fairies have good gain?
In small grams I put words again.

Good days are not god morning.
Stir teas in cups with no matters.
Hit the foes shields with ran off.
Public political games are massive.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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