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.... A Jibe With Grand Doors-Cauchy3

The grand rocs are shadow flies.
A dinner is grand massive doors.

........A Hitaus-Poem-Cauchy3

Hide and seek are words in hiatus.
Diagrams in lights are faster dialogues.

....................***** British Battleships

British warships…
Wasps and lynx are airy born.

Joining tasks with forces are ON.

.......Yung Kon Is Mob

YUNG KON is mob…
Dance attended are polices forces..
Fait will say but miss in forms.
YUNG KON is pets but teacher now.

........1 A Thinking-Cauchy3

Flower youth worth no names.
Many bucks are worth a penny.

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p.a. noushad 31 July 2009

true to the spirit of the age, beautiful poems.

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Natalie Wienstein 14 March 2005

cheung shun sang, i think you you got that amazing soul that you suceed to put into your poems, that really able to frighten and shake. they reflect now, the way we (me at least) experience that NOW, cuts from reality put together. keep on writing!

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Poetry Hound 26 December 2004

I must admit that I have no idea what you're trying to convey in your poems. They seem like collections of random images. Sorry.

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Robert Rorabeck 24 November 2004

Cheung Shun Sang, you are a very interesting poet- id love to know the secret form of your ABC poems- many of them have excellent imagery- you're an original voice- you so rock!

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