Bare Knuckles Poem by Leorne Adile

Bare Knuckles

I'm bare knuckles,
Swinging fast in half circles,
My course gets crossed
By an anonymous force
Quite similar to my own
'Bam! ' that made me frown,
But, uhm, wait, that didn't hurt!
It probably was a face or chest I hit,
I swing back to my old position
Like a boomerang, reverse motion
Followed close by another fist
I move to the left, grab it and twist
Whoever I'm hitting got his skills matched
With the one onto whose body I'm attached
I'm bare Knuckles

To my left I see my partner clenched to himself
Colliding head on with a fist like myself
Then it's my turn, I gotta split
If I could aim right and hit
The fellow's nose, like the bull's eye
Or raise it higher and hit him left eye
And black it, and leave it swole
I swung... But then I hit a brick wall,
I drew back, unclenched, and tried to ease
The pain off the hand, my owner fell to his knees
Got laid on the ground for support
Been long since I fought, i was thinking I should abort

First let me recount how this fight began,
We in the club kickin to the rythm of a ol' school jam
I'm wrapped tight around a honey's butt smackin the hit
As she wigglin her behind to the hip hop beat,
And there's a homie in the corner next to me
Eye balling me all over, I wondered who the man could be
Drunk as I might have been, something about him troubled me
I saw the possibility for insecurity
I felt my back pocket if my piece was on
To my surprise, both the weap and the girl was gone,
Somebody grabbed me by my wrist
And gave it a mighty twist,
i didn't expect itI flexed and broke free from him,
Thanks to the extra muscles and two years at the gym

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