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The Perfect Gift

To express what I within me felt
That words already said had failed
I sought things materially made
To offer unto thee instead

Bare Knuckles

I'm bare knuckles,
Swinging fast in half circles,
My course gets crossed
By an anonymous force


Tell me of patience, good friend
Has it at all, any good end?
'Tis patience, ' they've said
'That'll have you paid'

Will You Grieve?

...And when you hear it said,
Dne day, that leorne is dead
Will your hearts be grieved
As though 'twas you bereaved

Fair Thee Well, Zephania

Sad news it was, woke me up today,
My great grand father passed away
At an age which, 'cause of the years numbered
Even by him couldn't be remembered.

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Born in Lira district in Northern, spent the earliest stages of his childhood within the district. Began his studies there at the nursery level, and while still at this level, for he lived with his mother, he had to transfer with her to Kampala where she was to further her studies.for the rest of his education, he kept shifting on from-in this orde ...

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