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To express what I within me felt
That words already said had failed
I sought things materially made
To offer unto thee instead

I'm bare knuckles,
Swinging fast in half circles,
My course gets crossed
By an anonymous force

Tell me of patience, good friend
Has it at all, any good end?
'Tis patience, ' they've said
'That'll have you paid'

...And when you hear it said,
Dne day, that leorne is dead
Will your hearts be grieved
As though 'twas you bereaved

Sad news it was, woke me up today,
My great grand father passed away
At an age which, 'cause of the years numbered
Even by him couldn't be remembered.

This way and that I get tossed
Until my every strength is lost
But because in Thee I have believed,
Right through these trials I've lived

On that day that I should die
Waste ye not a tear in a cry
Only, if thou should feel grief
May thou weep, but still, be brief.

Every year in the month of March
I am, by more than years, grown
Friends, with whom I've lost touch
Are to me closer and closer drawn

'Twould be naught but a cruel mockery
Of love from fate, destiny, or nature
Whichever upon most, relies our future
If we two lovers end not in matrimony.

Someone broke your heart before
And you shan't love anymore
So you turn men down and reject
All who approach you on the subject

Love was never meant to quench loneliness
Although when in love we are lonely less
Love teaches more to depend on another
For such things as counter-love, and others,

The Africans writers unfortunately
Gave only little into poetry
Focusing more on prose
And perhaps a few on plays

And u can, my dear
Shed off the pain
But first you must share
With those whose trust you've gained

Sitting out here in the morning sun
Taking from it, all the heat I can
My eyes close and spirit takes adventure
Exploring both nature and God of nature

Those tough people whilst they last
Face the tough times worst
For in lasting they expose themselves
To much more 'fore they reach their graves

When I, in the morn my prayers have said,
And thanked Him who sits above,
'Bless her O Lord, ' I add,
'With whom u share my love'

Sitting idle, in this afternoon sun,
Drowsy with sleep from lack of fun,
Waiting for the day to finally end,
My thoughts, again, art to thee turned.

Leorne Adile Biography

Born in Lira district in Northern, spent the earliest stages of his childhood within the district. Began his studies there at the nursery level, and while still at this level, for he lived with his mother, he had to transfer with her to Kampala where she was to further her studies.for the rest of his education, he kept shifting on from-in this order, Kampala to Lira, then back to Kampala again, then over to Jinja, then to Masaka, and then to Mukono where he currently is, pursuing a bachelors degree in Law. he still has not settled.)

The Best Poem Of Leorne Adile

The Perfect Gift

To express what I within me felt
That words already said had failed
I sought things materially made
To offer unto thee instead

So I turned to Jewel pieces
(And these were of dearest prices)
'But then, ' methought, 'how useless!
To bejewel a thing already so glamorous'

Then I thought to pluck thee a rose
And from the finest I'd make my choice
Yet would not the essence disappear,
The moment it would start to wither?

And when I thought to sing thee a verse
From the love song I had long rehearsed
Once again I made a halt, for I thought,
'Even they sang it too who loved thee not.'

I could find nothing, (as thou can see)
That I could finally offer to thee
For all else of which I thought
Compared t thee turned to nought

The world is, (I resolved) not endowed enough
with such things and words to spell even half
Of this huge feeling that I for you have-
The closest to it that I know of is...love

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Leorne Adile Popularity

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