Freshman - 685 Points (5th March 1992 / Bhubaneswar)

Be Owner Of Your Own Boat - Poem by SWETA LEENA PANDA

oh my lord
show me the way
show me the path
which i can cross
i am not saying give me something
which i can't handle
i am not saying give me something
which can't be mine
i am not saying give me something
which i can't achieve through out my life
still i am saying give me little hope
give me little courage
give me little knowledge
so that i can fulfill my dream
i know it's not too easy to get something
some people too blessed
still some live with their unfortunate
when ever i think about my sorrow
something come across in my mind
what's about those
for whom you are totally blind
i am very happy as i have everything
i am the happiest person in this world
as if i know
oh my lord
can you do something for me
can you promise me to fulfill this
i wanna see my world
free from noise, war & poverty
i wanna see my world happy & in a beautiful way
i wanna see everyone happy in their way
i can't see anyone in crying face
can you fulfill my this dream please
i never demand for wealth
i always wish for peaceful earth
i never demand for, which i can't solve
i always beg your help me to solve the problem, which i can
i never demand for punish anyone
i always demand for give them moral thoughts
as now a days people are becoming so rude
i never fear for anything
i only fear, whether i can fulfill my dream or not
that's why so much foggy thoughts comes in my mind
many 'yes' & 'no' possibleties are there
i know in this world no one is yours
you have to walk alone in the empty street
everyone will support you
however no one will help you
you are the only sailor of your boat
as i have seen
sometimes big storms were coming
which disturb my peace of mind
i couldn't understand where i had to go
as wind & my boat direction was different
still i hunger for survive & reach at my destiny shore
as i am the only person to handle it
no one was there to stand besides
as people have their own boat
they have different problems
no one has time for yours
so never expect from anything from anyone
however try how much you can give from your side
life is like a boat
we all are busy to handle our boat
many thunders & storms will come
still u have to be strong
be prepare for the worst
try to handle the situation alone
'what i learn from my life'
my life is like a boat
i wanna handle it alone
as i don't know what will be the next
whether anyone will be there or not
even if i never expect from others to come up
help me to save me from the big storm
as in my life i have passed many storm alone
when i begged help
alas! every time i found empty hands
some times i found something wrong
while solving one of my problem, i faced another problem
which made me wise to take the wise step in every situation
which teach me never believe anyone in this world, blindly
some people love to see you in problem
some love to see you in worry
however i can't understand
why the world become so complicated
'as some people really cares about you'
however most of the people love to see
that you have the problems
oh my lord
can you tell me why this world is so complicated
why one person can't see the success of another one
why one pull another leg
why one can't see another happy
why one person become enemy of another one
why! ! !
do you have any answer of my questions?
i don't know whether you have any answer of my question or not
but it helped me a lot
which makes me strong to live a life in my way
that's why i never demand for help also
as i know in this world getting help is very costly
no one will be there to stand besides you except your parents
as i learn to stand alone in every storm & thunder
hope now!
you can get some idea how to live a life
as you are the owner of your boat
you are well known how to handle it in difficult situation
life is like a boat
everyday you have to meet different situation
have to face some problems
which will helps u to become good sailor in your future
as a silent sea never makes you a skillful sailor

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