Bashyam Narayanan

Be That What You Want To Be - Poem by Bashyam Narayanan

You me and every one
Are always in the path of
Becoming that which we all want to be

A word of caution
We should be not that because someone is that
Still, if it is worth
We should be that with our special touch
And with our uniqueness

But we loose the tract
In the middle
Because of obstacles that surface
And we change the picture which we originally conceived
And we keep changing this too frequently
We are not any where near to what we originally wanted to be

Obstacles are many
Leave alone external hurdles
You may yourselve lack
Certain qualities that
Are required to shape you into what you want to be
May be your selfishness
May be your dishonesty
May be your inconsiderate approach
May be your disregard to others' concern
May be your diluted determination
And many others

Instead of thinking about what we want to be
Focus on what you can be
With your knowledge base
With your acquired skills
With your approach to life and people around
With your level of ability to please others
With your potential to win others through love
And other productive internal powers of yours
Weighed against your weaknesses
Arrive at what you can really be
And redefine it as what you want to be

Work towards that
Putting yourself under no pressure
And making your all out efforts with pleasure
Minding not others' views on it
Minding not your weaknesses
Minding not others' strength
Minding not slips in between
March ahead and become
What you want to be

Even after that
Be modest by not taking the total credit for yourself
As a lot others have contributed
In your becoming that
A lot others would have taught you valuable lessons
A lot others would have helped you
Visualise your grey areas
A lot others would have wished you
Well in your efforts

Enjoy living
At the same silently making the world understand that
You are that what you wanted to be

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