Cicely Fox Smith

(1 February 1882 – 8 April 1954 / Lymm, Cheshire)

Beauty - Poem by Cicely Fox Smith

I've been north an' south (said Bill),
I've been east an' west,
An' seen lots o' sights, I 'ave,
As some folks reckon best . . .

'Bergs like big cathedrals
Sailin' stately by . . .
Coral islands where the sea's
Bluer 'n any sky . . .

Flyin' fish like rainbows
Flashin' through the spray . . .
Dawn on Fujiyama's crest
Like apple-trees in May . . .

But I reckon as the grandest sight
Ever I see
Was a right racin' clipper
Under canvas, runnin' free -

Was a flash flyin' clipper
With her kites both large an' small,
With 'er low sails and 'igh sails
From water-sails to skysails -
Ringtail, jib-o-jib, Jamie Green and all!

I've been 'ere an' there (said Bill),
I've been up an' down,
An' many a fine thing I've seen
In many a foreign town . . .

Temples full o' carvin's
In jade and ivory . . .
A thumpin' golden Buddha
Sittin' smilin' out to sea . . .

Blob-shaped domes all shinin'
Same as bubbles in the sun . . .
Pyramids an' what not -
I've seen 'em every one.

And I reckon as the finest thing
A man ever made
Was a slim slashin' clipper
Swingin' down the Trade -

Was a right racin' clipper,
Taut an' trim and tall,
With 'er low sails and 'igh sails
From water-sails to skysails,
Ringtail, jib-o-jib, Jamie Green and all!

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