Angelique Neal

Beauty And The Butler - Poem by Angelique Neal

BRYAN: “The Beast”. Has short temper and anger problems; Rich; Not at all good looking; Pushy; Impatient; Just like the Disney story described;
BELLA: “The Beauty”; Beautiful of course. Talkative; Persistent; easily adored;
MAXUEL: Bella’s dad. Caring; Old; Wise; Week; Fearful
TY: The butler. Servant of Bryan; Handsome; Charismatic

Once upon a time
In a faraway land
In a large, empty castle
Lived lonely Bryan

He was sad and down
And beset with gloom
In fear that he’d
Never be someone’s groom

One day in his garden
While on a walk
He had a feeling
He was being stalked

Hiding in the bushes
He saw a tattered man
With a sack to his side
And a rose in one hand

“Don’t kill me. I mean no harm! ”
The man cried
He fell back with fear
And if he could he’d probably fly

Bryan grabbed him by his collar
And threatened his life
But agreed to free him
If he fetched him a wife

A couple weeks later
The poor man returned
Offering to Bryan
His only little girl

The girl was in tears
Water welling in her eyes
She held on to daddy
And let out a cry

“Don’t leave me” she sobbed
And clung to his shirt
When she’d let go
She fell in the dirt

Her dad walked away
“We’ll be together again” he said
Then he blew her a kiss
And with that, he left

The girl spun around
And with a stern look on her face
She shot curse words at Bryan
Flinging her hands about in space

She screamed and she hollered
Even threw a punch or two
Bryan stood there in awe
Not knowing what to do

She was immensely attractive
A little too much, in fact
For Bryan to ever feel the need to hit back

“You brute! You fiend! You petty excuse of a man! ”
She yelled her loudest
And threw another hand

“How dare you? Who might you be?
Thinking I’m yours to own! ”
She barked, and proceeded to pick up a stone

“That’s enough! ” Bryan growled
Stopping her hand in mid air
And for just a small moment
You could see she was in fear

“Unhand me! ” she squealed
Yanking her hand away with no hassle
She let out a puff
And stormed into the castle

She found the nearest room
And locked herself in it
Then laid herself down
And was asleep in a minute

Several hours passed
She heard a knock on the door
She hopped out of bed
Onto the cold floor

She peeped through a crevice
Only to find
It wasn’t that horrid “Beast Bryan”
But someone much more divine

Just as she was deeply ogling him
There was another knock on the wood
She flashed back to reality
And hauled the door open as fast as she could

“Hello…” she said timidly
“Hi there”, the voice replied
“My name is name is hard to pronounce,
So you can call me Ty.

I brought up a plate of food for you
I thought you might be starved
Sorry, I burnt the bread
So it might be a little hard.”

“That’s okay. I’ll enjoy it.
I’m very glad you came.”
“My pleasure, Miss, but excuse me,
I didn’t get your name.”

“I’m Bella.” She answered
“‘Beauty’ isn’t that what it means? ”
“Yes, but it doesn’t seem to suit a girl like me.”

“Well I may be wrong
But this is how I see
That no other girl other than ‘Bella’
Is more deserving of beauty than she”

Bella blushed, a crimson red
And tucked back her hair
And upon this flirtation
Began the “Beauty and the Butler” affair

While Bryan was foolishly trying to win Bella’s heart
And thinking maybe he’d have someone to hold
He wasn’t informed that he was being beaten by Ty
‘Cause Bella’s heart was already sold

Every night before “Beauty Bella” went to bed
Rather than having dinner with Bryan
She met with her lover instead

Their incognito relationship
Dragged on for months
And Bell was finally thinking
He was the one

It was a sad scenario
An epic disaster
When Bryan discovered
The reason he couldn’t have her

Was because some impoverished, skint
A man no more than dirt,
His supposedly “loyal” servant
Got to her first

You’d think he’d be inundated with rage
And tried to kill them both
But in a turn of events he ended up
Putting a knife to his own throat

I apologize. It was my mistake
I kind of forgot to mention
The sad old chap Bryan
Also sort of suffered from depression

Bella was then free to leave
And Ty was lacking employment
And my class sat there listening to me go on
Probably lacking enjoyment

Whether they lived 'happily ever after'?
Well that just depends...
If you'd want me to keep going...
Or stop at ->'THE END'

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem was written as a drama for my English class.
It's sort of a twist to beauty and the beast.
It's the longest poem to ever escape my brain!
Ever word of it original and totally mine.
I think it's pretty great! thumbs up if you think so too!

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