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Beauty For Ashes - Poem by Cambridge Keenan

My Beloved, my every waking moment is filled with thoughts of you,

I fall asleep in your arms, so content and filled with abundant love.

With you my cup runneth over with goodnss and mercy.

My dreams are dreams of us together reaping a harvest of happiness and peace surpassing all understanding.

I breath you in like fresh air nurturing my very soul,

You penetrate my mind with endless surprises and varying scenerios,

You own my heart for it shall never again beat nor pump in your absence it aches.

My eyes long to see you, to watch you watching me when you think I do not know your looking,

Like hide and seek we tease and tantalize one another with our dance of love.

I cried today and I cried yesterday too, I do not know why....

Except that I am in awe of you.

Every little thing about you intrigues me...draws me in deeper to our love.

I talk with God and thank him for his divine intervention,

For our very connection has over excelled each and every part of me wants you more and more.

I ask God, how can this be, that a man like you so grand, so fine so heavenly sent....

Would willingly and purposely gift me his very heart?

As I sit with Almighty God, I see a vision...whereby I have my palms face up,

Holding my palms I look down to see your very heart from your chest in my hands....

And I am dumbfounded and totally stunned by this phenomina.

God and I talk at length about your beauty, your gifts, your talents...your heart...

The very heart you gave to me to hold, cherish and protect,

There is not a doubt in my mind or heart, that I would pleasingly die for to save you....

There is only trust, respect and honor that I wish to bestow upon you as our love continues to thrive.

My heart bleeds in your abscence, it cries out for your words, your touch,

Your soothing voice is like a healing balm from Gods own hands directly into my soul.

Your love is lavish, and I adore you.

Tears rain out from my eyes, and I think they are taken by God Himself and placed lovingly in the ocean...

Perhaps thats where God places all tears to make the waters salty and lush with creativity,

I quiver and tremble in the presence of the Lord our God as He reveals this miracle to me.

I wonder am I worthy to recieve your love...I pray that I am....I pray hard that I am.

I come before you just as I come before Jesus...with nothing to offer you but brokeness and strife...

And you made something beautiful of my life!

I do not know how to thank you, nor how to pay you back....

I can only give you my all and all,

You are the treasure that I keep always I carry you in my heart,

My thoughts towards you are as countless as the sand on the seashore.

My gratitude is wide open and ever flowing towards you...

My faith has grown because of you,

You guide me, you scold me, you direct and correct me.

Without you there is no GPS....

I love you!

Thank you for loving me, for choosing me as fine wine...

Just thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥

........................................ ...... Cambridge Keenan June 21...2013

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