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For All My Chidren

Perhaps if things were different,

If I planned another life,

A Heart On Ice

My heart is as land locked as the Artic ocean,
The brokeness of a lost love is the age of a new dawining
A shift in the current of age and time,
Major factors formed before the foundations of the world was set,

Kissed By God

Lord God, thou hast kissed me! !

Beauty For Ashes

My Beloved, my every waking moment is filled with thoughts of you,

I fall asleep in your arms, so content and filled with abundant love.

Come To Me Winter Grace

Come to me, my ever mindful, winter grace,
I am wanton for you,
Bring blizzards and buzzards for,
I need your icy touch,

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Lisa morris 03 December 2019

I’m looking for the full writing of a partial poem printed in “Abandoned Parents: The Devil’s Dilemma”

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Good day Poets, I am from London, Ontario... I have been writing stories, poems, songs and scripts since I was a wee girl...I did not really take those things seriously...except for my stories and scripts as I am a Family & Children's Entertainer / writer, director, performer...I sang in a chorus...I belly dance and waltz, etc...I am 59, female, si ...

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