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Perhaps if things were different,

If I planned another life,

My heart is as land locked as the Artic ocean,
The brokeness of a lost love is the age of a new dawining
A shift in the current of age and time,
Major factors formed before the foundations of the world was set,

Lord God, thou hast kissed me! !

My Beloved, my every waking moment is filled with thoughts of you,

I fall asleep in your arms, so content and filled with abundant love.

Come to me, my ever mindful, winter grace,
I am wanton for you,
Bring blizzards and buzzards for,
I need your icy touch,

'Hi there, it is cloudy here and raining', he said.
'What's it like where you are? ' he inquired.
' It is not raining was my reply, '
' The earth is weeping I tried to explain, '

Riveting Ruckus, Wonder of the night, Darling by day, My True delight,

Maestro of Words, Weaver of dreams, Pregnant with majesty, Birthing my screams.

Six years of angst, since you spew me out of your mouth,

And how many more whereby you blew lies, naked to the wind of the world.

Dear Gramma,
Gramma can I come and stay?
My mommy got hurt when she tried to play,
A horsie threw her off its back,

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Good day Poets, I am from London, Ontario... I have been writing stories, poems, songs and scripts since I was a wee girl...I did not really take those things seriously...except for my stories and scripts as I am a Family & Children's Entertainer / writer, director, performer...I sang in a chorus...I belly dance and waltz, etc...I am 59, female, single...I have become more serous about poetry recently, a blessing from a great friend, and published author. He has been most encouraging, loving and generous...ever a special man and a true treasure to my heart forever. I am so grateful for this site, reading so many poems and learning so much more.)

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For All My Chidren

Perhaps if things were different,

If I planned another life,

I wonder how it would have affected you.

What would you be like if things were only different?

Maybe we could have given you more,

If there was more money to go around with four kids,

The newest designer jeans, pump up shoes, the latest gt snow racer?

Perhaps your own car would been the answer?

And I wonder would it have mattered?

Would it have made you more secure? more confident in yourself?

Happier, selfassured, more filled with joy?

I remeber all the laughter, all the smiles, brown eyes looking up at me with innocent security,

Safe, secure, happy children...

Oh the vaccations we failed to tour the world with you...

Pardon me, it was not in the parenting manuel,

Since I could not give you more material things...

Have I really given you less?

For I gave you the gift of brothers, and sisters,

I gave you the gift of family, both near and far, and friends galore,

I gave you the gift of unconditional love,

I gave you the gift of life!

As with all gifts given us,

We have the choice to treasure and accept it, exchange it,

Or just throw it away...

What shall your choice be?

...........................................AUG 1992....Cambridge Keenan

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Lisa morris 03 December 2019

I’m looking for the full writing of a partial poem printed in “Abandoned Parents: The Devil’s Dilemma”

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