Seema joglekar

Beckonings! - Poem by Seema joglekar

Shall I come?
-When the night spills over the threshold of the day
To skim away the pain of the darkest hour.
-Like the loosened strands of pearls, roll into dust
Like glistening dew at dawn, to light our path, come the stars.

Shall I come?
-To pawn the burden of those renegade days
Lying heavy on your eyelids, with the heydays of spring's spell.
-To bid the final day that stood between us
To take her last bow of farewell.

Shall I come?
-Like the proud dew-dropp unsoiled by the dust of life,
Defiant, absorbs to only reflect the beauty rife.
-With the glee of the sapling leaf-burst in the rains,
With sap to defy many a storm, in its gossamer veins.

Shall I come?
-With the mirth of the leaves, in life's joys and pains
Swaying in gladness, immeasurable, in the game of light and shade.
-To brush off the dust, clinging to our weary feet
With the comforting toll of the journey's end, in arms open.

Shall I come?
-Like the breeze spiriting away in a gait of her own,
Further it moves stronger are the bonds to return
Bound to you in my freedom.

Shall I come?
-Like a spurting river impeded by many gorges,
Now rushes to find her own rhythm, strong.
-Like the koel that waits all winter
To bestow spring with her welcome song.

Shall I come?
-To stake a claim to your attentions as the stubborn full Moon sails by,
Accompanies you everywhere, lingers at the corner of your eye.
-To end your wanderings, with the pull of my heartstrings.
-To spit at the stars that keep you awake with their prattle, jarring

Shall I come?
-With my box of frugal treasures that cozily sit;
An armload of moonlight washed in dew,
Stars like gems, throw up a rainbow on cue,
with the promise of a dream in their kiss,
And four seasons wrapped in the swan song of a poetess.

But first, let me leave:
the anguish and despair, of the bygone days of mine,
as one leaves their footwear, outside a shrine.

14th Feb-2012

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 13, 2012

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