Bedside Confessions Poem by Evelyn Nec

Bedside Confessions

Rating: 5.0

Hold me closer Yeit,
I can't talk.
Take my hand in yours for one last time,
Kiss it just the way you used to,
Look me in the eyes with your sapphire gaze
and call me 'Baby'
I will not cry,
I will suffer no guilt,
A hundred years of not knowing you
would have meant nothing.
I met ecstasy in your eyes,
I felt love in your touch,
I found peace in your presence.
If I say I didn't love you,
then I will be lying.

Hold me closer Yeit,
I'm cold,
Look me in the eyes
and say that it meant something to you.
Do not let me go away in doubt
because I don't want to beat myself just to kill it all.
I want to be with you here;
in a reality so pure
and there; in heavenly bliss.
That is the ultimate prize for a winner, right?
An everlasting love
brighter than the hope for tomorrow.
Give me strength to cross over,
To go way with a never ending joy.
Time with you has been worth the flow
despite the bumps.
If you say that you didn't love me,
then I'm better off dead!

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