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Leave me alone in this maze
I need to find my way home
I don't need your help
I don't need another soul to save

My old Elvania,
She's brought on the veranda each morning
for the yellow sun
to warm her wrinkled, dry skin

I cut my heart out,
put it in a tin
buried it under the oak
and went on in to the world


I hate the night
and all that it stands for;
the lonely roads winding into darkness,
the graveyard silence,

Walking away is the only choice
from a love we thought we had
to an illusion that had taken form
This is my song to you

I had my first smoke
the most amazing thing to do
Between knowing that I had the power
to decide whether I should do it or not

I see a fraction of the moon ahead
dimming under the blanket of ferocious waves
As though ashamed to watch me drown
it hides behind a dark gray cloud

I can tell you're slipping away
When I hold your hand the tingling is gone
When I kiss your lips the fire is gone
In your eyes the glitter is dimming


I see me,
I see you,
I see us...

He gets to have the best of me,
Yes, he is my very own kind of Voldermort.
One second, he is sweeping me off my feet,

Calling home,
I let the phone slip out of my fingers
as a trail of blood forms on the floor
from my paling arm

Hold me closer Yeit,
I can't talk.
Take my hand in yours for one last time,
Kiss it just the way you used to,

The beams of the evening sun
caress the vast park
sending shades of gold
over nature's green.

You and me
are our own pains
like oil in water
or night and day

I'm a victim of female genital mutilation
My father was an illiterate
My mother a child-bride
He preached the gospel according to culture

I spend my days with no purpose
because I'm dead right to my core.
I'm saddened by each rising sun.
The pointless hours I spend in bed


Just wondering about last night
You said you don't know what will happen
when we finally have ciao
and I don't remember giving you a good reply

A white rose,
for a man that loved me so
but I returned a cold heart
I detested his love

I'm the author of this book…yes, I do make up worlds in my head to escape the present especially when the present is boring! Back to the book……it's a book about a young woman born on a cold night of 1756. Alone she wailed to the world for a good Samaritan to save her from the freezing hands of her dead mother. Help did come but the damage done was more than skin deep…she knew she didn't belong in the Samaritan's home…she knew something was missing. The stories didn't add up…and she could open up to anyone about it. But nevertheless, she grew in to a beautiful dove with brown doe eyes. A quiet sort with a dark and twisted past. Over the years of her childhood she had stood up for herself. The foster family was nice but it was temporary so she never bothered them with the puzzles of life.
By seven, she had grown nipples.
By nine, she lost her first blood.
By eleven, she understood nakedness.

God talks to me,
No, I'm not insane
But He does talk to me
No, not about you or the world

Evelyn Nec Biography

A small town girl. I don't know how to write, I don't know what to write....I write because I want to learn how to write)

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Leave me alone in this maze
I need to find my way home
I don't need your help
I don't need another soul to save
This madness I built with my own two hands
But, I need you to be there at the end of the tunnel
to be my flicker of hope
when I finally come through,
moulted out of my old self
Leave me alone in this maze
I need to search for me.

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