Beginnings Poem by Frederick Kesner


Rating: 3.1


He who dares talk with you in your silence,
Listening even as he speaks your name;
Whose pulse is mingling with your stirring heart;
Who walks at once beside you without qualms:

Who can sense what you feel, and is there all along
When something goes wrong and when you're most alone;
Who understands your fears, tries to find the answers
When you face the unknown, when questions fill your head.

The weariness of your heart banished for he is there.
His words may not impress, physique unadmirable;
His tongue and his hands often misunderstood.
He is true to all, though he may not be strong.

You seek what seems to shatter former views;
Ask yourself if as one your paths will fuse,
You recognise that there is something there;
You both will never be again the same.

You follow him within you when he leaves,
Beg him to tarry longer when he stays;
Before he finally goes on his way,
Spends his time with you while he is around.

From that single moment there on after,
The aching void in you dissipated;
Biding time as friends, no longer strangers;
You are lifted up, your empty days filled.

Your gates fly open, yearnings departed,
And yesterday is yesterday for good.
You recognise something there that had changed;
Suddenly knowing what you saw was true.



a lovelu beginning there which is never ever going to end

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Anjana Aravind 30 May 2006

A very beautiful poem....with excellent wording Anjana

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Timothy Werner 27 November 2004

I Dont know who the he is, but i want to meet him. Something or someone motivated here, Maybe ill find it in the next poem, As i go through your poems i cant help but comment on each one, your word everything magnificently.

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Frederick Kesner

Frederick Kesner

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