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On a hand-hewn pedestal
imagination coalesced;
on milk-white face alight
eyes sparkled with a liquid flame.

and out of the sombre light
a quiet entrance he makes-
a poet in whom life is not so much delight
as it is the unfolding of self amid the pain.




D-iscover your dreams and dare

A-ll you can take hold of each day


a harrowed ref equals
photojournalist's bucket
communicating targetted
wishes - blank images


better than vintage wine
flashier than weekend cars
more precious, much more
than the Don's Cricket bat

It will never be like this again.
Just yesterday this house was alive;
Today it's empty, yet again.
This makes one think about tomorrow.

The sick-room had always chilled me
For I feared that it could kill me

I stayed clear from the infirmary


a grated gate in midnight's light

'always and forever'
said one such bear to
threadbare pounding,
rediscovering vow of

yesterday at dawn
the moment a cloud-filled sky
blanketed grey
my eyelids scroll to see


R-ed train rested at Rotterdam station.

deep waters whisper
which more than a few venture
never resurface

Frederick Kesner Biography

You are encouraged to interact with the poems posted in this site. Please leave some word about your visit in the comment box or the messaging feature. This form of contact is highly appreciated. Reading and writing, pen and paper, they have given the younger Frederick a passion from his primary school years: as soon as the alphabet was learnt; the very moment he could wield a pen, there began a continuing journey wherein the destination is not placed more highly than the moments spent, the sojourns explored, in writing. Will you come and journey with the author, traversing time and space, imagination - of things real or conjured in the mind when the wattle blossoms dance in the wind, the birdcalls and the dingo's howling.... in that hour of phrases catching, we shall see the wonder of life itself unfolding.)

The Best Poem Of Frederick Kesner

Galatean Resumé

On a hand-hewn pedestal
imagination coalesced;
on milk-white face alight
eyes sparkled with a liquid flame.

Some build ivory towers,
their hands raw from driven labour,
on scratched cheeks, a stricken eye
ransoms a sculpted orphan dream.

Across time and the Middle Sea
another calloused hand chiselled;
laughter on a pine-white face
resurrected an ailing heart.

Some can only imagine
what others have without trying;
when vicarious journeys fail,
reality's block they will assail.

(A sort of raison d'etre definition for the artist's creation,
drawing from both the stories of Pygmalion and Geppetto.)

Frederick Kesner Comments

Shaun Cronick 15 September 2020

See you are now an Australian poet. Best country in the world. I hate England full of pommies.

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Dominic Hunt 08 August 2012

Really liked mother mother Deeply sad and moving

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LOVEFOOL Aka 28 March 2009

One of the the most talented and original poets I have ever encountered.Check out his work on youtube and be very very impressed

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Lare Austin 27 January 2005

Hi Fred...your poem 'Snow Song' is such a precious capture...of thought...of mood...of feeling. In other words...this is good stuff... Lare Austin

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Lare Austin 29 December 2004

Hi Frederick...Your poem 'Third' is so very well written. I very much enjoyed it. Thank you. I would hope you might have a book of poetry in print... Lare Joseph Austin

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Frederick Kesner Quotes

'Whence a poem dies is conceived a phoenix.'

At the uttermost reaches of what's known is a glimpse of what's beyond.

Somewhere beyond suburbia is our forgotten self.

Nothing is as sweet to the lips than the ashes strewn from the phoenix rising.

memory is a child seen and waiting to be heard

Opportunity is seen not found. It is a matter of how we see things and our interpretation of situations arising.

It is best practise to not be forgotten.

In the end of it all there are only two kinds of people, those that do and those that choose not to.

Hope can be us, grown and stronger, on the other side of adversity.

Some thoughts peddle better than others

...each ear is listening to its hearing, so none hear

Karma is not out to get you, it's just a reflection of yourself coming back in tangible form....

To know of another's suffering And to share in that selfsame cup Is a true communion unlike any other

A 'dying' family car can drive a child to grow up or become sad.

The lizard with the shortest tail lives to tell the tale.

Like Vincent we speak to generations after us. As with Van Gogh our voice is caught by generations yet to come.

sometimes out of sadness a new chance at beauty and grace arises

As today yields to the morrow it's hope shall curb our sorrow

For it is a poet's ink that writes upon the bare tablets of each reader's heart!

Looks wrinkle and fade but words and thought inspire forever.

...crazy missed the bus

The King's sovereignty allows our leadership to be harnessed for purposes far greater than ours.

It's easy for everyone else to be wrong when we are in the right.

Familiarity reflects truth or projects and refracts our inner conceptualisation

Betterment steers us away from bitterment

May there always be a spark in the eye of the beholder.

It's amazing how our thoughts in their thinking often keeps on giving and revealing more facets waiting to be mined and treasured.

Pain, even in its minutest form is a potent driver hiding in the shadows of our smile.

To seek beauty is to find oneself.

a sunrise has not failed if we are together

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Frederick Kesner Popularity

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