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Being The Eldest Child - Poem by Jess Poet

Being the eldest child, so much is expected,
You always feel alone, put aside, neglected.
The others get so much more attention,
When you appear through the darkness you are treated with apprehension.
They look, they stare as you sit in silence,
They get on with life in your absence.
You enjoy the quiet and enjoy the dark,
You are liking the neglection you have lost your spark.
You no longer feel happy and fun and loving.
You are a reaper of jealousy and are used to this social shoving,
You become depressed and no longer there.
You feel alone, you feel so bare,
You are sick of your family and are full of strife,
You are thinking of ways to end your life.
Everythings blurry and the future is dim,
You're having no second thoughts, the night creeps in.
Seeking for reason as you slowly wither away,
You think, you might want another weeping day.
The corner is so dark and your heart is cold,
You want some good memories before you get old.
You become attached to certain kinds of styles,
There are certain things which trigger your smiles.
You're parents think your incapable of tasks,
You're far too mature for halloween and masks.
And the worst of all, passing through these fears,
You will not overcome these feelings till the end of your teenage years.
The best days of your life they say,
Oh how you wish for these times to wither away.
You seek refuge away from modern times,
You feel ridiculously incapable sometimes.
With school and home and general living,
You quickly become quite quiet and unforgiving.
Then you think once these days finally end,
A new life...maybe, which God will send.
Days full of joy, and happiness and gladness,
Because you finally overcame all these hormones and sadness.

Topic(s) of this poem: childhood

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 25, 2013

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