Alven L. Robinson

Beneath The Thunderdome - Poem by Alven L. Robinson

Lost his Soul he did, Forbid -
Jeremiah hid beneath the Thunderdome,
And there alone he found
The mirror had Disappeared -
Nothing, nothing, left to see,
Nothing heard or prayer to plead,
Just some fleeting hours and years
Without the mirror to pretend,
His Soul to witness end to end,
Hope fulfilled as will believed
Upon the sands of certainty,
An idea longing for embrace
Eternal wish as resting place
Surrounded by a binding dream,
Continuing, continuing - someone's way,
Someone's notion on display -

All to find another day -
Just one more, Salvation always
At the door, Incarnations to adore,
Transformations as the Way - again, again,
An offer sent - Heaven's invitation meant
Just for You, just for Me, a chosen few - Infinity.
Perhaps there's more than meets the eye
Behind another pulpit lie,
Or faith to try and testify -
A view well past the moment's gate
Nietzsche's return as more than fate.

Who is it truly knows?
Who has watched the lantern flow
Beyond the doubts that haunt the road?
Prophets in their robes of light
Mendicants who deal in flight
A sage who hears the voice of fools
The heretic who bends the rules
The rishi who can walk the coals
The suttee princess merit earned,
Monks in line to beg a turn -
A pilgrim crawling though the cold
And back again, it's been foretold -
Or maybe a Messiah dead, before return
The cavern fed - or pyre left to burn instead.

All to seek a simple Soul,
The sounds of Brahma's drums to roll,
Yantra visions to extol,
Orphic verses from a scroll - Immortality as goal -
Heralding the winds across
The grieving for each child lost;
Each requiem beneath a tree
A dirge to mark the falling leaves,
Down, down, down, into the Cosmic view -
Darkest light and whitest hue -
Never, ever to refuse
A traveler knocking at the door,
Perhaps another dance in store -
Nothing less and Nothing more.

Topic(s) of this poem: Spiritual

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