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Best Feeling In The World - Poem by Edgard Canales P

Best feeling in the world
for the first time in my life
I had both my little girls.
My family came to visit
had me thinking they would bring just my oldest
Surprise! my youngest came too, consider this my bonus.
Finally, get to hug them at the same time
love to hear them say: Love you Daddy
feel my heart about to burst inside.
Silently sit and listen to them speak
all day ask Daddy
about before they were born and when I was a teen.
Someone pinch me, still think it's a dream
smile because they hug each other tight when they sleep.
I love seeing them together
these two little Angels elevate my spirit
and make me feel liter than a feather.
My oldest child, she's a little clown
jokes all day but when Daddy speaks
she listens carefully and doesn't make a sound.
My first born and my little baby
pray to God every night
that she never forgets me and keeps her safely.
Happy child but attitude real strong
look at her and reminisce of when she was a baby
and I used to sing her songs.
When pregnant I rubbed her mother's belly 'til I fell asleep
first time she said Daddy
my knees buckled and it made me weak.
Her smile illuminates my face
God has given me through her & Miya of heaven a little taste.
I know she gets a bit jealous of her younger sister
but she understands that I love them both
I know she feels it when I hug and kiss her.
Shes says Daddy is the sweetest Dad ever
I know I spoil them and let them do whatever.
Reads my poems everyday
doesn't even care that dad is grumpy and a bit insane.
I love spending time with her when she comes over
every time I see her,
she gets a little older
Soon God will help us be a bit more closer
Wait impatiently, and anxiously
for the next time I get to hold her.
Finally I can hug her really tight like I do Nat
I know that regardless of what anybody tells her she loves Dad.
she's so confused about complicated things in her little head,
but knows that Dad will always tell the truth to her
don't care who it upsets.
Where I go she goes
loves Daddy so much
you would never guess we where separated for so long before.
Really girly with the sweetest voice
I know she would stay longer just like Nataly if she had I choice.
Quiet girl and very serious
but like Daddy when mad she is fearless.
Loves her older sister with all her heart
but from different mothers so they live apart.
She tell me stories of her other 'DAD'
but I listen to every word
even if it gives me mixed emotions, mad & sad.
So much things I would love to do with her and say
I pray to God for better days and ask him to please make a way.
Doesn't hesitate to say I love you Dad
always searching for a good way to make me laugh.
Really neat little girl and she loves music
mess with her and my mind
I will surely loose it.
Love this little time we spent together
Love you Miya
just like Nataly every chance I get I tell her.
When you both leave from this trip it will be the worst
every time I think of my mistakes
that have me in this position my damaged heart it hurts.
We shine in any weather
Us 3 are so much a like
I have faith in due time things will get better.
so much things that happen in my life that slowly kill my soul
so by far, hands down
to have both my little girls is the best feeling in the world.

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