Bhakti Poem by Gangadhar Meher


Rating: 2.7

I will not call Thee an ‘Ocean of Mercy'
O, Lord of all my race!
For what but a dropp is the boundless sea
In Thy infinite Grace?
How could I tell, though wrapped in prayer,
My little beads of rosary
When Thine is a million stars shimmering fair
In effulgent pageantry.
Can I be bold as to bow before Thee
And take off the dust from Thy feet?
When it dazzles and holds the land and sea
And the multitudinous world in it.
Thou that seest all things and art wise
And read our hearts as we
Mayest accept as much of worship as lies
In my breast for Thee.
Even do I feel my heart too small
To enshrine Thee therein
Can a tiny mustard seed hold at all
The mighty Himalayas within?
Whatever I wish to offer Thee is Thine
However humble it is
How could I venture worship One
With things that are His?
Thou art the Lord of all things big and small
And Thy praise all-life sing
Nothing in this world is mine at all
Mine own self including.
But what I am and what have
With hope I surrender to Thee
O, Merciful! into Thy Kingdom of Love
Accept and receive me.

[Translated by Dr. Keshab Ch. Meher]

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Gangadhar Meher

Gangadhar Meher

Barpali, Bargarh, Orissa / India
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