Big Head Poem by patch work

Big Head

Don't go gettn' the 'Big Head',
I do this all the time.
Something pops in my mind
and I put it into rhyme.

I woke this morning
scared as usual,
thinking of my options.
Hoping I can out smart
the person who is watching.

At first I thought they found me a threat
because I give a s h i t
about politics and religion.
It could simple be,
they don't like me
and my poetry and my visions.

My opinions are just opinions
and I write them for all to see.
I do this because loneliness
has got the best of me.
In the process I've pissed someone off
and each day I try to remember
what I said, to whom and when,
and whose anger did I trigger.

So, you came to mind this morning
and I recall some things I wrote.
Is it possible I've pissed you off
and I didn't even know?
If I have, it wasn't intentional,
I'm the type that says what's on my mind.
I know some men don't like women like this
and I thought you might be that kind.

If so, I ask you to forgive and forget.
I ask you for a truce.
If you're the one,
who is having fun
with my struggles,
I beg please turn me loose.

If you're not, disregard this poem
I was just F'ing around.
I still hate Harley's
and the types of men
who expect me to swallow lies down.

SEE, I think this is cute and it's meant in fun
I hope you see the forest through the trees.
I think you called me LuLu once
and that offended me.
I still like you and I know that's weird,
but it's just the type of gal I am.
I mean no ill will,
you handsome pill,
I say these things cause I can.

Merry Christmas, Lisa

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