Bki:Xiv The Ship Of State Poem by Horace

Bki:Xiv The Ship Of State

Rating: 2.8

O ship the fresh tide carries back to sea again.
Where are you going! Quickly, run for harbour.
Can’t you see how your sides
have been stripped bare of oars,

how your shattered masts and yards are groaning loudly
in the swift south-westerly, and bare of rigging,
your hull can scarce tolerate
the overpowering waters?

You haven’t a single sail that’s still intact now,
no gods, that people call to when they’re in trouble.
Though you’re built of Pontic pine,
a child of those famous forests,

though you can boast of your race, and an idle name:
the fearful sailor puts no faith in gaudy keels.
You must beware of being
merely a plaything of the winds.

You, who not long ago were troubling weariness
to me, and now are my passion and anxious care,
avoid the glistening seas
between the shining Cyclades.

Palitha Ranatunge 06 March 2016

This great poet and Pinder together created the ode. He may have lived centuries before us, today I having read him was with him sharing his greatness and simplicity realizing that we all belong to one type of people who have tried to express ourselves but almost failed in doing so.

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