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Palitha Ranatunge is a Sri Lankan poet and lyricist. A lawyer by profession, he wrote poetry and lyrics in his mother language, Sinhalese, starting from his school age and also sung by reputed singers. Ranatunge won a national award for his first English poetry collection " The Shifting of My Paradigm" .

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The Perfect Love

I was at the window during the long nights
Watching you growing and fading
One day I was happy to look at your
full moon face, the other days
You were fading into pitch darkness,

Leaving me all alone, in the darkness
Of the mighty universe, having
No one to share the life
In all tomorrows of the past,

I admired your unique beauty
And felt your kindness
In every palpitation of my heart
But I felt all at once the reality
of your non-existence,

I dreamt in the night, embracing
yout heart, crying indeed for nothing
could be the fragrance of your soul
pierced in to my bones
Like the freezing wind blown at
snow capped mountains
like those picturing in a movie,

My love was with the perfection
of womanhood, that was nothing but
a creation of mine, in my day dreams
ar from the realities of life
Hence I am at the window, like a shadow
gazing at the darkest night
painting symbols of perfect love
that could never have been existed.

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Palitha Ranatunge Popularity

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