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I was at the window during the long nights
Watching you growing and fading
One day I was happy to look at your
full moon face, the other days

Dear friend! today I call you,
Yesterday I called you, my love!
While you away beyond the seas
Our past is a tombstone at the

Hey, may I whisper unto thy soul
And pour the pure liquid of my
Budding love into thy virgin heart
Feeling inexperienced palpitations

The creator of gods
For the benefit of own
Gone far creating demon
Cults picturing them as

The sulphurous smell
my mouth.
You left hastily
for you smell

A man of fifty
Gazed at the beauty of
A starry night,
With an amazing delight

You have gone, like a house
Was elegant and beautiful,
At a roadside, taken down
For road widening.

Having removed a cist of the brain
He lost half of his senses and memory
A part of the rupakaya(1) was removed
The relative part of the arupakaya(2)

I encountered them
Bundled into a tiny iron cage
At the poultry seller
All were feeble and hungry

Blue fairy where art thou
I pray for thy blessings
For my son, whom I made
Of wood, I being a carpenter

You have to catch my inward eye
When I throw away the sorrows of life
The entrance to the cave of eternity
With eternal happiness of nullity …

I was shaken at the gate
The queue was so long...
Having no haste, I waited but
I was shaken with anxiety

Tweet, tweet, twit, twit...
One morning before the sun comes
When cold misty dawn garlanded
My garden, a high pitched whistle of

My love, my little Persephone, taken by the dark king Pluto
Guarded by six headed monster at the gate of the dark world
I have played saddest tunes of isolation pleading for your freedom
It's true the entirety of the nature has wept together with my voice

Glittering dew who has compared to a tear falling on earth
Is now a truth thousands of dew falls on dusty brown sand
Having no embracement of a love overflowing on a green.

All this my creations and destructions
Around me until my evil take over
the entire world,

I know in my dreams you adore
my untold love,
My love lorn isolation with tear
-filled eye

hedgehog, Kingfisher, whistling duck, mongoose, and wild cat
thy refuge in my back yard
- an abandoned paddy field
I can only grant you a temporary stay permit

a cloud that floats away
in the red sky
held me stubborn
not to bleed internally

Darting millions of needles on my face
What is yonder Khyber Pass?
Naked face, naked eye, a trek ahead
A search party - only a single member squad.

Palitha Ranatunge Biography

Palitha Ranatunge is a Sri Lankan poet and lyricist. A lawyer by profession, he wrote poetry and lyrics in his mother language, Sinhalese, starting from his school age and also sung by reputed singers. Ranatunge won a national award for his first English poetry collection " The Shifting of My Paradigm" .)

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The Perfect Love

I was at the window during the long nights
Watching you growing and fading
One day I was happy to look at your
full moon face, the other days
You were fading into pitch darkness,

Leaving me all alone, in the darkness
Of the mighty universe, having
No one to share the life
In all tomorrows of the past,

I admired your unique beauty
And felt your kindness
In every palpitation of my heart
But I felt all at once the reality
of your non-existence,

I dreamt in the night, embracing
yout heart, crying indeed for nothing
could be the fragrance of your soul
pierced in to my bones
Like the freezing wind blown at
snow capped mountains
like those picturing in a movie,

My love was with the perfection
of womanhood, that was nothing but
a creation of mine, in my day dreams
ar from the realities of life
Hence I am at the window, like a shadow
gazing at the darkest night
painting symbols of perfect love
that could never have been existed.

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Palitha Ranatunge Popularity

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