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Black Magic - Poem by nadia abduljabbar

Black magic

She sat erect,
On her pink chaise longue;
The mixture of girlish
With the classical touch
Reflects her unique
Deep and funny
Character and taste,
Tears were dropping
Like rain from her smart,
Daring, but Innocent eyes,
A middle aged woman
Who did not kill the child
Didn't I say
The mixture is unique
Just like her life;
The tough experiences
Could not smear the smile,
Honest words were pouring
From her trembling lips
Clouding her pinkish childish
Cheeks with horror.

Malice, creeping
Hands of his devils
Invaded my domain;
Were Pressing on my
ovaries, and the womb;
My very private parts,
Trying but in vain
To push me to do wrong;
To go astray.

He Said he is a Muslim,
But he is one
Of Satan's slaves.
No divine religion
In roots - apart from
Men's sick interpretation-
Accepts hurting people,
Animals or plants;
When people kill,
molest or abuse
Prison or starve
Innocent Children
Or adults,
They are criminal
Or sick ones
Whatever is their
Title or fame
Whatever is the so called
Creed they think
They adopt.

He used Islam as a mask
To hide his dirtiness,
Islam freed women
As well as men
From revenge and hatred
They are equal before
The Divine Being
Who is all beauty and purity;
The Greatest Deity

He wants to prove
To himself that all
Women are dirty,
Yet he knows
Deep inside,
I was and still
So pure
With all the fire;
The heat
Inside my body and soul,
With all the jokes
I'm still and will ever be
A version in soul
In spirit and jokes.

Almost two years ago,
Since his devils began
To hurt me
From within,
Yet they could not
Reach the soul,
How can they do so,
When I read;
I believe in His words,
In all the Holy Books,
Especially The Qur'an

It lights my road
How can any being extinguish
A holy light that guide
In the darkness of this life,
I heard about such
Things but never really
Cared for I was too busy
To think of other evilness.

What more
He wants from me;
I rejected his offer,
So what if I did so,
Is a woman a slave
Who can't say 'NO',
Is revenge a code of love? !
It can never be so.

What more
He wanted to destroy
Why wanted he
To oppress me
To accept any mate? !
But I can not enjoy
A mundane man,
Why did he want
To kill any slight joy
Of mine in this life's road? !

What does he ask for,
After splitting me
From my only boy,
Pushing him to run
Away from his home;
From my arms? !
Was not it enough
For him
And his ugly devils-
Who are as ugly
As their master
Their sender-
To destroy
My happy youth,
And the happy
Of my only son.

Yes, beauty of mind,
Heart and face
Were doomed to suffer
Like no other
She was punished
For having merits,
She Could be tied
For a while
By the ugliness
Of a sorcerer;
By his unseen threads
And wicked dirty spell.

I said to myself:
He said he loved her,
But it was self love,
In fact he wanted to bind
Her soul;
To enslave her body
To tie her high neck
With her swift feet,
Could he? !
Could he
Destroy the brain;
The ambition,
Because of inferiority complex
Such a result could not
Be seen in her days
Though it was not
An easy time;
Her life was tough,
But her stubbornness
Was even tougher
Her faith liberated her;
Malice could never,
Except for a while,

Our young woman
Is of free spirit
Who could resist
Her unique personality;
All in one:
Beauty and intellectuality
Sense of childish humor,
Taste and elegance,
Hatred made him blind
To see the good heart;
The generosity,
He could not accept
The idea that he did loose,
After he captured her.

Malice does prevail
For a while,
Only a while,
Even if it were years,
But there must be an end,
For meanness
Can not rule to Doom's Day.

She finished telling
Me her horrifying
Story with no fear
In her baby face
Her innocent smile
Returned to her lips
While telling a joke,
Didn't I say
The disposition is unique,
She sang in English
And a Franco Arab
Lebanese song,
And before going
On her way
She stood to pray

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