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Blame - Poem by gabby johnson

Who are you to blame?
When everything in your life seems to be going wrong

Friends are getting faker
Boys have been liars and cheaters from the start

Deceivers and backstabbers are looking and waiting for your life to fall apart
They rejoice at your weakness and don’t sympathize your loss

Parents seem to be getting more overbearing
Setting standards and having high expectations over the top

You try to find an escape
But nothing seems to help

Every room seems to get smaller
It feels as though you have to gasp for every breath.

Suddenly, every challenge and task is overwhelming
Simple things become a struggle

You are on the edge of a breakdown
Everything you have worked for is stumbling down

You want to cry so badly that
Every blink you take stings and hurts

You want to give up so much
But you just can’t let go

Giving up to you means losing
Winning is all you know

So, who are you to blame? You can’t blame anyone else. You have the power to change your circumstance. Don’t try to put your mistakes on someone else. When everything in your life seems to be going wrong, you can make it right. The only one you can blame is yourself because you can change your own path in life.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 28, 2010

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