Shalyn Stachmus

Blind - Poem by Shalyn Stachmus

To succumb unto a scope of darkness
And loyally lounge with fire, parlous;
Is to whelm beneath your sorrow, cleanly,
Desert at your door a limp love bleeding,
And plug your soul's chasm as you fall, heartless.

To draft these words which drain me like leeches,
And slowly siphon wisdom that teaches,
Drives me to reveal this notion I've found:
It's harder to fall from holes in the ground,
Than it is to seize thoughts, lost without leashes.

To wonder just once of things left unseen,
And gracefully gather those that you've been,
Invites and ignites ripened discussions
Which fade and evade doomed repercussions,
'til sadly, you think you've found a true friend.

To slumber through tides that turn with the dawn,
And fly over trees, of which you've been fond,
Then to grouse and grieve, but never succeed,
Is to faithlessly fail sweet dreams, indeed.
So wrought, you worry if your mind's not all gone.

To fret for nothing becomes a design,
And rampant regretting just wastes your time;
Recalling, enthralled, that Truth's always central.
That is simply sad and sadly simple,
But perhaps we'd all rather like to stay blind.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem took me a LONNGGG time not only to draft, but to actually finish, and despite this (or perhaps because of it) , is still not perfect in my eyes, as I discovered today (REVISED DATE) while typing it into the box for submission. Needless to say, I'm pretty much satisfied with it now, and probably (who knows? haha) won't be screwing with it any longer. I hope.

In any case, I want to give a brief overview of the meaning of the poem, stanza by stanza, because it can be slightly confusing without some kind of guiding context for it when first reading it. Given this explanation, I still want everyone to garner their own understanding/perception of the poem and what it means to YOU, because this is merely a guide to form your own thoughts.


1st Stanza: This situation refers to being blinded to loved ones or LOVE in general and ignoring all else, by way of ANY means, and the effects of this.

2nd Stanza: This refers to being blind to one's own THOUGHTS, whether important or not, and experiencing the sad loss of ideas, especially ideas that are unique or inspired, while blindly chasing those other thoughts which are fruitless in the end.

3rd: This refers to being blind to OTHERS' INTENTIONS or MOTIVES, and the possible deception, and (perhaps) eventual betrayal/disappointment that goes along with it.

4th: This refers to being blind to one's surroundings, the natural world itself, or LIFE in general, and the futility of complaining about missing something that is always greatly worthy of attention.

5th: This refers to being blind to TRUTH, while ineffectually wasting one's time on worrying about things that cannot be controlled, whatever those things may be, and that in the end, TRUTH is really the only thing we need to be looking at and worrying about.

This is basically what the whole poem is leaning toward: the crucial search for, uncovering and then proclaiming of, and finally, preservation of, pure and simple TRUTH in any form.

Thanks for reading!


(Original: 2009/Revised: 9-1-12)

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 1, 2012

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