Albert Witz

Blinded By Pain - Poem by Albert Witz

Luckily my pain lost sight of his goal.
Looking for hope in the stars, only black awaits me outside this broken window.
I wonder when I'll find what awaits me beyond.
Pain brings such darkness, again I'm alone.
I'm walking in the rain, accompanied by only my shadow.
He's my constant reminder of the melancholy which follows me.
Nothing is wrong, don't ask, I won't tell.
My mind burns to ashes, remnants of hell.
Death comes quietly, tapping once on your window, before entering without warning and dragging you off.
Death swallows you whole, nothing escapes his grasp.
No mercy, no freedom, pain is all I know.
From the darkness around me, I'm enveloped in my own suffering.
An outer body experience lets me watch myself writhe, screaming, blood-curdling agony.
All falls silent. Footsteps are heard. Light as a mouse as the darkness claims it's next victim.
From the moment I open my eyes, I know that I'm dead. Yet nothing looks different, was it all in my head?
A dark dream out of madness?
Nightmares brought on by my pain?
I hear a single tap on my window.
Who's there? No response but the sound of rain.
I see a dark cloud enter softly, clearly trying not to offend. As death wraps his arms around me, lightly carrying me to my end.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 15, 2012

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