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Bow Out Blues - Poem by Princess LilyPad

Sometimes I'm a gypsy in feathers and rags,
I merely take a bow and there I do go.
Soemtimes I'm a lover of all things you have,
Then I take that bow and there I do go
Sometimes I'm queen bee of the right side of the street,
Of course the bow I take means there I do go.
Bometimes I'm the bum with liquor lips worn and beat,
My head screams bow out now, then there I do go.
Sometimes I love you for a moment or three,
Quietly I bow behind you, then there I do go.
Sometimes I am the mother that you need,
Restrained I drop into a bow, then there I do go.

But where do you go little big girl in this huge world?
When you really know there is nowhere left to run.
Swirling and twirling aned lashing out life uncurled,
Your running and running to no place that exists under this sun.
Oh and you just know they are after you for their own good,
Leave them all, run fast like the best and fastest gypsy roamer would.

Never look back however as the rotting wreckage reeks like sh$%$
And you'd never scratch yourself out of the hole in which you'd sit.
There is no coming back from the places you have abandoned
there is no remedy for the hearts you've crushed at random.
So keep on running until you've run out of people to hurt,
Better wear comfortable shoes as you'll kick up much of this dirt.
And when you tire and your back aches to hard to take a bow.
there I do go no better time than now.
Just know the best thing is finally knowing where you'll be tomorrow.

I wish you peace for your flight,
It's been such a long ass fight
I'm a girl without a place but I made it that way.
I leave and I leave again maybe this year, a month, today.
I am so very tired of loving them all and having to go.
I's a way to keep all the places I leave safe you know
I only bow out because I don't want you to meet the monster I know.
I will leave you breathless with no warning 10,000 days in a row.

It's always the same, I og and I am missed.
But eventually they all forgot I used to exist.
S sickened am I by it all, the whole human race,
I'm out again, don't forget my lovely laugh and face...

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 21, 2015

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